Monday, August 18, 2014

Steve Hurst Schol of Music

We felt this was the year for the Miller family to embark on School of Music, but some things came up and it didn't seem to be working out. 
 We thought, "Okay, the Lord has something else in mind." 
But then He began to work out the details and Father came home one night with the news that we will, after all, be attending the Steve Hurst School of music along with our dear Bontrager family! 

And so we went, knowing very little of what to expect… just seven people in a bus, ready to sing and be stretched. 
We did sing…a lot. 
And we were stretched… a lot.  

Breathing technique class with Mr. Hurst. :) 
How we loved our choir directors. 
Private lessons. Here we have Kathy Woodland who gave us inspiring Chinese, singing tips. :)
( Insert mental picture of noses scrunched, eyebrows raised, and mouths open crazy wide.) 
Our dear Bontragers singing in the evening service one night. We were sporting as the Biggest Fan Club. :)
Evening services were just wonderful. 

Mark Trammel Quartet. 
 Performance class (In which one sings for your group in the school and allows critiquing to commence.) 
Breathing exercises hit the floor. :)
Singing in one of the evening services. I don't know that I've ever experienced the peace of God so richly mingled with a body shaking with nerves. :) 
The Erwins singing during the beautiful Communion services on the last day. 

The Girls.
 Fun fact: I was asked if I was the mother. Ahem. 
OUR VERY LAST PRIVATE LESSON! We loved all our instructors so much and learned incredible thing from each of them. However, when the last class was done and all that was left was Graduation, I rather jumped up and down in celebration. :) 
Mr. Steve Hurst. We were so blessed by his humility and sincerity throughout the week. 
Miss Shanon sang a beautiful solo during the graduation ceremony. 
We loved Tribute Quartet as instructors and singers. 
Mr. Gary. 

Farewells and photos. 
The guys with Tribute. 

 We felt so, so privilege to attend the School and came away inspired in singing and our spiritual lives. 

 "Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands
Come before His presence with singing." 
PS. 100:1

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

March Tour

This isn't the first time we've had to back-track, is it? :) We've been posting here and there of some of our Summer activities, but now we're going back to some of our Spring events and travels that had been uploaded but not posted. 
Starting with the joy of having our dear friends the Bontragers at our place and church. (Thanks to Chelsey for the Pictures.)

 Intense games and good conversation. 
 A ladies tea was held, of course. 

Of my nearest and dearest. 
Moving on to VA for a special week of revival meetings. We had such fun getting to know this loving church body. 

This lovely  family was down to road from the church and we had delicious times of fellowship in their little home. 

Between revival meetings we had two free days in our beloved Holmes County. 

Babysitting Cousins is our favorite. 

Plain City revivals

Happy birthday to Father!

We had photographers I could learn from in the church -- here one stole my camera during Sunday fellowship meal. 

And we were graced with snow on the way home!

Fond memoreis wrapped up in these photos. 

"The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth,
 and even for evermore." -Ps. 121:8


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Eugene Graduates

    Four man-friends graduate this year. Here we celebrate together:
Eugene, Reece, and Jaron (boy #4, Tyrone, was missing for the picture) 

 Mother has a tradition of making a photo book of our lives for each of us for our graduations. Something to treasure. 

Assembling cupcakes. Mom had fun creating all different flavors and styles. 

 It was fun for the four mothers to join forces in putting together a lovely, teenage-boy-pleasing, supper.

We were super glad to have Jalon Stutzman join us this weekend! 
And the family. 

Congratulations Eugene! May you go forth in the power and demonstration of the Gospel. We so appreciate all you bring to our family!