Saturday, August 31, 2019

Linwood,Ontario 2019 Community Tent Meetings

        2019 Ontario Community Tent Meetings

 Our family,Nelson Coblentz and Lester and Betty Miller just returned to the quiet of our homes after two intense and fulfilling weeks in Linwood,Ontario. It was totally worth every mile and hour poured into into it from the office to the onsite  daily duration of it! The beautiful farm land where the tent was placed was offered by Nelson  and June Gerber.They along with many local believers put a lot of visioning,planning, labor and prayer behind it for months before we ever got there.Truly we were honored to enter into their labors and be a part of what God was already doing there!

 Although I have no pictures,The daily noon prayer meetings were a highlight for many of us as we heard each other's hearts poured out before the Throne..
           Altar times were sweet,many lingered in worship and fellowship.

We are also so grateful for the kind hospitality that all the locals showed us in Jesus' Name

 After the message on family Life,the men were invited to come forward if they resolved to rise up to a higher level and be available for what God is calling them into at home.
 Then the wives and children came forward as well to receive the father's blessing and bless each other. Both hard and beautiful things happened within hearts that night,what precious scenes!

Many bonding and rejoicing  moments in the Lord's Presence happened between many of the laborers. They also were each other's cheerleaders when things got heavy or hard.
 We caught up with former relationships  there and formed many new ones with kindred hearts of believers, which we will always cherish!

When the lights are cut each night,with tears of gratefulness, we head to our bunks behind the "Big Top", grateful for the privilege of watching God draw, heal, rejuvenate, quicken and speak to us and hundreds who come out hungering for more of Him. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

2018 New Holland Tent Meetings

Giving children Bibles to follow along during the sermon.
Noon prayer meetings are something many of us look forward to.

Edna and I.