Sunday, August 26, 2012

Canyon City,Colorado

Although most of our sightseeing was on the Highway,driving from one service to the next without stopping, we as a family are so Grateful for the kind and generous Hosts and some God Given opportunities,to get out, make some  family memories and experience the" local color" at times, along the way, such as;
                                                            The Royal Gorge
Richie,Randall and Ranessa Yoder join our and Duane Mullet's Family on our day at The Royal Gorge.

Deborah and Brianna decide to brave the Sky Coaster plunge into the Gorge....some others were hesitant to spend $30.00 for a 5 min. thrill versus a day at Carrowinds,they said.  :) 

The view of the Sky Coaster from the cable cars...

Deborah pulls the Rip-cord
And they freefall into the huge Gorge till the swing is stretched out!

It's another place to Worship our Almighty  Creator God.
Why would I be under a black umbrella on such a lovely day? well...

I don't believe us that we need to have any fears or Phobias etc. And I enjoy a very healthy unhindered life that Ithank God for but I have one physical limitation in my body I have not been cured or healed from and it"s simply that if I'm in the direct heat or sun for an extended amount of time and I drink plenty of water I still usually end up with a Migraine caused from overheating,as I don't sweat like some can. So to avoid spoiling of all of our day by ending up Horizontal ;I take preventions to keep me from getting too much sun,and using water to cool my exposed skin from time to time,as much as I enjoy the warm sun on my face  and a good tan.Although I'd prefer this was a dainty and colorful parasol it worked spendidly for the intense heat and walking,thank God. I have since added Chai seeds to my water for Hydration as well and am open to any other nutritional tips from anyone.

The Timeless Memory Maker.....
Do you'all have such good memories of the carousal in your childhood as I do? Of course the most important part is having the admirers ,we love standing on the sidelines for us to wave to.
Late night talks around the fire pit,after eventful days,wonderful suppers and much kindness and Hospitality by Ron and  Rhonda and family.

Some good games of intense basketball to watch by  our" Little Men".
Deborah,Kelsey and Monica having Quality Time together.

Finally getting to Visit Art Knox's at their beautiful Ranch.

The view over Canyon City on the way home to Rons  from Arts on The Skyline Drive.

Then  Ron had us keep a day open for Recreation between services,touring the New Horizons ministry facilities and visiting people.Between rafting or 4 wheeling our group chose 4 wheeling,and  huge thanks to Rons and others who shared their ATV's for tour men and children to go on this long adventure in the hot, dry,high mountain terrain.

     The meaning of; another one"Bites the dust" came alive...
Now after 3 services in that area we move on over the Continental Divide to finish the rest of our tour...

The views and heighth was amazing that day..

From this point we were told the rivers run North and South on the different side of this mountain. Hense the name...Continental Divide.
Our rigs made it up but now to go down...With both our brakes smoking we try to slow enough to get off to the side  and were barely able to come to a complete stop to pull off. Men look,talk,we all get out,move and breathe in High Altitude thin air.

This beautiful  huge blue Lake was up there as a feast of refreshment  for weary travelors' eyes if you made it to the upper miles of the Divide.

We made it down and had a service at a Methodist Missionaries Retirement Village.We soon discovered they were the cream of the crop of our Lord's faithful according to their response and evident  love for Him.

The most meaningful things that happen in our lives usually we have no pictures from,right? When The Spirit does His moving no one wants to lift a camera  and spoil the Eternal with the temporal or moral, or try to capture,feelings,revelations,brokenness,joy and deep thoughts with a collage of color and objects or the shell we see of the people on the outside.So since our Photographer  stole one of a private behind the scenes moment....I will let it stand for all those precious ,important moments and events that we do not show or take time to expound on blogs. 

Like things Higher,things nobler.....Personal insights by the Holy Spirit through The Ancient Anointed Words on the privately owned printed page.My morning sips from a bone china tea cup given by a dear friend who's suffered much and loves more.Comfy Cotton" Old Vermont Country Store" Nightwear.The results of one who dreamed to buy and wear a western hat while we roamed the prairie ranches.One Child's Precious collection thrown from bunks in order to have room to sleep  in it the night before.A window to watch the world go by as He places vision and calling in a heart.A prayer for Wisdom heard. An Answer in silent Power and idea placed.Blankets to cuddle family members close in heart,warm,living bodies to have and to hold and souls to encourage and Spirits to strengthen and speak words of Hope and Faith to.

Let's be honest and Remember what or who is important.Lord I want my blogs to be pleasing to you...or it's vanity and even sin. Let the Words of my "blog" and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you oh Lord....that it may bring Grace to the "hearers".Miller Family in Canyon City,Colorado

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oregon Trails...

Although we've been home and have led very eventful lives since,I could blog about,I want to take time to share some of the photos and memories yet of our many experiences on the Western Tour.This post is  focused on our 2 weeks in Oregon. By the way,when I'm not on the computer or  you don't see any activity by us on facebook it's a good thing .This means
we are hopefully prioritizing our goals and are occupied with other wholesome things and real relationships as well as physically carrying out Kingdom work at home or abroad and have no time for technological ramblings.These things can be profitable,but usually should be last priority unless for needed communication or response.So  since we're on a "staycation"as Janice Miller called it, I'm taking time to sit and blog between laundry foldings....and enjoying  it.

During the tour at one of our services,we  enjoyed this beautiful scenery behind the stage at Rock of Ages Nursing Home in McVinnville,Oregon.
Now for the day and a half at the Pacific coast, first time for our children.

The children left their mark and made memories as they wrote messages in the sand ...and threw  Frisbee and Football in the coastal fog...

I'm sure their was a meaning to this free spiritited leap across the line..enquire with the sisters.

God heard her desire for a sand dollar and He gave her a perfect one too! PTL.

Misty Meditations.

From the grassy slope above we watch the siblings sing songs together on a cliff below...

and the girls praise our Creator God...
Now back to Mainland,work and services...we enjoyed this evening of a small gathering in Oregon,tho it twas a bit warm with trying to catch a breeze thru opening  windows.
Many  discussions of each ones day and sharing memories happened while setting up and tear down each evening.
Gracie would help Alisha with setting up the Discount Cd table along with other motorhome domestics, running erands for us and watching the little Mullett girls type of responsibilities.
Now if you ever visit the Albany part of Oregon,going to The BoMack's resteraunt is a worthy experience.It's not only the food I'm talking about.This family as young Christian parents started attending a little Mennonite Church,that Todd Neuswander pastored back then and to make a long story short they all run this resteraunt now with their 6 older children as a ministry,homeschool their children,ladies wear skirts and a "babushky",and they minister and sing if someone rings the dinner bell.She is a lady with a huge heart but speaks truth straight,and is a hilarious story teller.She says she's only funny to people that don't have T.V.:)
Oh,and our most precious hosts while in Oregon for 2 weeks were Larry and Margaret Warfel.To anyone who knows them I need say no more.But for those who don't,they together as a beautiful radiant team give and give to way is having  young vs"er boys & girls come work on their Grass seed farm during the Harvest and girls only drive his combines.They live, work, feed and disiciple these together to the point that while we were there twice, married ones with their families of former youth harvestors were there for a great meal of fresh caught Pacific Ocean grilled Salmon,peaches.I call them the "Aquilla and Priscilla " of Oregon.God bless em and continue to use them!
Next morning,Father's Day ...Man of God meditates,seeking.... before preaching The Word at Brownsville Mennonite Church.
We got to experience the baby dedication of 2 special couples whom we're friends with their parents,so here's a picture for the Florida Detweiler Grandparents who couldn't make it!
Duane's family ministering thru tears and joy as they did each evening,for others lives to be watered by.
Yep,this shows a little of the Jolly heart that our dear Host Margaret has as they enjoy life on the planes of their Oregon Farm.She allowed our whole family to ride her "Bike".
Then we celebebrated Kyle's 14 th birthday on the road,which Larry took all the men and children to neat Airplane waterpark and museum for the day.
We appreciate the unique qualities,personality and Gifts God has give Kyle..he's our quiet mystery we're trying to uncover clues to what all God's calling is for him.We love you Kyle!

Back to some more coast pics....

Yep,that's my Job.Adore Him.
This is something I did not teach him.
She writes a love message to her mother... a priceless moment.
And to her Father whom she's trying to trust with everything  in her heart,with the encouragement of the older ladies in her life although we understand Daddies are just a bit" scarier" than mommies sometimes.
If she wants it, he will help her" Guard her Heart".
This Sunday morning was another unique experience at a church where they met in an old public school {don't get me started on that closing down small local schools,churches,going mega-subject}and they greeted us warmly and served warm homemade scones and apple slices with coffees in the library followed by this sweet scene for Singing time.The newly put in (formerly retired from his pastoral) elderly couple led out as Quoted from Deborah in our travel Journal:"It was rather cute. He sang and  played the Grand Piano and she in her spiffy glasses,orange loud patterned dress, and old quartet-style alto voice merrily led our singing of praises that morning before our family ministered."
Oh,and this is another darling little churchhouse that Larry & Margaret"s church family moved into after another local denominationhad to shut their doors,it even has the church bellfry rope hanging right down to the stage, it was all Grace could do to keep from pulling it.
Sunday evening, Right before we're up to go lead the singing and do a drama,the scene in the foyer. Do they have a mother? Yes.Was she looking? Trying not to.Were they listening? umm..noo..And, Thankfully they had no late commers sneaking in the back.
Doing laundry and  all the ironning at margaret's house where I can spread out...
While The men do Motorhome maintenance in Larry's Garage and Derek waves to Grace up in the Plane ride,which Larry's giving each one of them.
This is an at least weekly job,in the dusty areas,more at times,but Dave is sure enjoying the helping hands these days.As you can see Duanes stopped in here at Larry's as well a couple times,although Duane had a lot of relatives around they were catching up with as fast as they could.

The girl's bake Kyle's Bday cake and other goodies while we have a full size oven available.{A surprising statistic; We made from scratch and ate healthier than ever before on our western tour,got most of our groc. from Bulk Food stores and Health food stores,it was fun to find a unique one  in each area.}

Then there's energy to spare and status to prove physically in small  confined areas....where we say "hide the women and children!"There's much loving competition in the air thee days as sizes keep changing.

On the way to the coast had needed to mail an envelope and get milk,"The Walton"s?...:)  yes,it was the area post office,general store,Info center etc all in one,and inside;  yes 2 were sitting at a table chatting and playing,not sure if it was checkers or ....prov. kind of like "Tinyburg" where life's a little slower.The only difference was their response to Jesus" Name was not  one of excitement.
God did answer our prayers in unasked needs so much during these weeks,Thanks to all who were praying.Two ways that were so personal to me was;I had asked Him to give me opportunities to be his representative to the unreached as we travel in whatever way He wanted me to .And 2 real meaningful encounters with people that were needing Him and searching happened in a Goodwill and a Fred Myers  grocery Isle where we had ministry and prayer time right there.
 Another, on a personal love gift from the Lord,only He knew that I had struggled with leaving our unripened Raspberries in the backyard fior the birds to eat while we ere gone this summer and when someone handed us a gallon Freezer bag full! of nice,ripe, red Raspberries,I worshipped within with tears,as I magnified Him for His personal care and Huge Unmerited Love for me.Us!
                                                       Till I get more time....Ruth Ann