Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Takes my breath away.."

   It’s Wyoming roads tonight that portray themselves much more peaceful then Nebraska roads last night (As in lavish displays of lighting in the sky and hail storms that Duanes battled.). All are in bed except for Older Brother and me, as He is driving and my mind is alive with thought. We could see the city we are now in MILES away- western beauty we are starting to appreciate.

    We’ve had quite the eventful fist week. We expected crazy stuff to happen perhaps at week five, because…well…somewhere in seven weeks some crazy events had to take place, but instead they’ve been happening in week one. This makes us all go: “Is week five going to be twice this crazy, or is this instead of week five drama?”  (This is metaphorically speaking…we know of no dangers that lay in week five, just supposing it would be the time of trip of things of such: Deborah Logic.) It’s been wonderful, however. As in wonder-full….full of wonder, the original meaning of the word.  We’ve been in wonder at His protection, His strength in our weakness, and His ministering in spite of us.

  Mother had an old tape of Twila Paris of which’s location we are unsure of now, that had this song on it, and it’s been coming to my mind over and over on this trip…so I’ve made it my theme. (second verse and chorus.)
I’ll Never Get Used to What You Do
I grew up surrounded by
A family of light
You’d think I would know by now
You’d think I would never be surprised
But every time it takes my breath away
And I think it's time you heard me say

I never get used to what you do
I never get used to watching you
Take a life beyond redemption
Make it yours and make it new
I’ll never outgrow the miracle
A heart that was empty flowing full
I’ll never get used to what you do

She takes the words out of my mouth.
   I was going through the food line at a church snack after the service that night when a lady in the kitchen blessed me for the service and how it ministered to her. Then she said “You probably hear that all the time.” And I wanted to scream “No!” I mean, yes, we do hear it, but “NO!” to answer your unspoken question…”IT DOESN’T GET OLD!” I can’t get used to the fact that He could somehow touch a person through our feeble efforts…could He really use me to minister? Then I am filled with awe, gratitude, and praise to the One who is the Minister. It is the greatest honor, that we could be vessels, I can’t get used to that.
    When I see the two young ladies (my age) in tears on a Sunday morning in the old wooden pew, and one slides over to the and puts arm around for support…God speaking in the little sanctuary, I can’t get used to that.
    The young girl who stands to her feet from her seat to indicate that she wants to spend more time in the “secret place”   of meeting God…I can’t get used to that.
    I stand back-stage during Daunes last song and watch as Brianna sings with passion “…and what if tirals of this life, are your blessings in disguise.” Then the music fades, she steps back, closes her eyes, and lips something to the Savior. She who has no brother when I have three, and I was feeling discouraged tonight?  It is I who cry during the services, as I watch the sweetness of His healing and love in their lives. I can’t get used to that.
   Someone told me tonight that I must be an "old hat" at meeting new people. And though I do enjoy meeting new people and have the privilege of doing so nightly on this trip, it is entirely my honor that I can even be here! They are all such dear and wonderful people, and I feel unworthy to attempt to minister to them, I am honored to meet each one, and I can’t get used to that honor.  
  We’ve met some most delightful and interesting people out west here. People who live lives we read about. Two young ladies we talked to tonight live with their family of parents and three older brothers on a cattle ranch and ride thousands of archers on horseback herding and checking cattle, have all their church friends come help them brand, (in their words “Our branding is a party.” J) etc .  That’s just one example.
     We really enjoyed Wyoming hospitality tonight, such sweet people that served us food and the whole audience a snack. They’re very “down home” and “welcoming“.
    We’re now getting to the place where people walk into the services in cowboy hats and boots, some even sporting cut-off denim shirts and such. We smile at the authentic feel that we thought perhaps was just in the movies, if you know what I mean? This west is still fairly wild and has exceeded our expectations. 
OK, so the computer is dying and this girl needs to get to bed.
Thank you all for prayers, I personally have felt much need of them, as well as seen much results from them.  Many blessings
~Deborah as the Voice of the Millers.
Disclaimer: I wrote this about a week ago...haven't had time to post it, and only two pictures uploaded, though they're not the best. Maybe next time I shall do an all picture post. Also, it's only by His grace that I don't get "used to it" the longer the trip goes. Pray that we would always realize the Divine and fresh in each night.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Goodbye Home.

   Sigh. We are on the road, finally and really. Loading days bring a person to the state of worn-outness, therefore people are taking naps at 8:00 p.m. and we’re now trying to wake them an hour later. We get left an hour or so later then preferred, then it’s trailer hookup and prayer send-off at the office. We have thousands of CDs, hundreds of DVDs and books, three sounds systems, guitars, pianos, harp, violin, CLOTHES, (I am actually quite pleased with myself for not over doing the clothes thing. I’m taking less than I did for our last two week trip!), lots of movies borrowed from church friends, Nelson’s popcorn, fridge loaded, and all the other necessities of life along with.

  Then we drive the crazy curves and hills of route 40 while Mother creates turkey wraps, and mashes leftover baked potatoes then I finish with strawberry smoothies.

   It’s mystically rainy and the mountains remind me of why I am so grateful to live in N.C.

    I get a bit emotional about the thought of how much will change in the 8 weeks we will be absent from home. We say goodbye to secretary whom we will not see until her wedding and another that may leave for her home while we are gone. All the friends graduate, landscaping and Hydrangeas comes to full, summer, bloom, Red Raspberry plants may be ripened and enjoyed by our feathery friends,our micro greens will come to eating stage and pass…and so I feel the human tug of not wanting the “goodbye”.  But it lasts for a second and I can see the eternal and am grateful beyond words for opportunity to serve.
Sister and I give each other random hugs of ecstaticness and say “ I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE FINALLY GOING ON THE WESTERN TOUR!”

   Home is not in N.C.. Home is Heavenly Kingdom, here on earth we live tent-style like the Israelites, so that we never get too comfortable and always keep eternal before our eyes. You don’t have to travel to live tent-like, however.  I thank God that He placed us in N.C. as a safe haven to rest and call our earthly home. In the beginning of this year when I was dealing with how to emotional and mentally process the traveling life (not that I didn't want to do it, but it had been a hard season for me.), God changed my perspective about home. I used to think “We live at home and have to leave to go traveling.” Then a light bulb of contentment came on and I thought: “You travel to minister and I give you a home that you can come back to for rest and refreshment before you go out again.” He truly has given me new passion and joy in doing what He has called us to.

  Today I see my failure and told Him before I said goodbye the sanctuary back-yard where prayer often takes place, that the failure makes me again aware of our need for Him this trip. "That I may always be on my knees, Lord."

   I am excited about the sites…things I’ve never experienced before. I am excited about quality Mullett/Miller memories. But I am so, so excited…so grateful, for this opportunity to wash feet, know Him as I allow Him to flow through me. Know Him as He flows through others to me. The whole idea is phenomenal; knowing the Holy One, and being able to become one with Him. What an honor.

  He’s given me some pictures of His ideas for this trip. I want to walk into each service with His mind on and hit the road after the service with journal and pen writing what He did for the Kingdom’s sake.
  It won’t be very hard to stay focused for the first few weeks…but when the seventh and eighth rolls around…I told Brianna “We have to keep each other from becoming robots. J

  One thing we’re all excited about is the UNKNOWN. We've never done this type of tour for this long. We’ve never been that far out west. Dad doesn’t know the towns and directions like he usually does. We don’t know how it is to do that many services in that many different places . YAY for the new and the adventure.
    Now you’ve heard my heart…I shall move on to other things
Mothers day/ Brother turns 16.
Here we pose in the rain after church on Mother's day, all in the newest western tour outfits. We love her muchly and think she redefines the role of "Mother" in a capital way.  She is imperfect, but she allows Him to flow and love through her to us, and she is who she is because of Him, and we thank Him for giving us this Mother-so-dear. 

Last week we were all in town doing some shopping when I came across some things that were so symbolic to what Mother is to all of us.

Can you guess what symbolic item is hidden beneath this wrapping? She is truly poured out of us, all she is, all her energy..and we aren't grateful enough. 

I wrote on the back of this note that she has been our teacher, so fitfully, in academics as well as out teacher in life. Her wisdom in how to deal with life situations and look at those around us has profoundly shaped who I am...and I'm sure I  speak for all.

She is comfort to us, so lovely and warm. I wrote on this note that she has "Mary Pippins' hands" having the touch that makes all around her beautiful. She makes our home warm and inviting and treasures us with tea in the morning and beautifully set tables for supper. Those are to name a few. It's amazing to watch the Spirit of God do this through her, for I honestly see it is out of her knowing Him that this comes. 

So, the "comfort" gift contained a candle for it's warmth, light, and sweet smelling savor like she is to us.

"Water 'Poured Out'"- She's been wanting a pretty pitcher.

And for the "Teacher" she gets a loud school bell for waking sleepy individuals and calling all to the school room. (She's long overdo for one of these. :))
The Eugene-Man turns 16!
He lives in the shadow of Mother's day every year, bless his heart. The man could have gotten his license THE DAY AFTER WE LEFT FOR EIGHT WEEK WESTERN TOUR! This displeased him greatly since driving is one of Eugene's passions.:) 

We like him allot.

 He's the "par" in our "tea" (because we're big tea people), the punch-line in our joke, the spice in our wossle drink , the singer in our song, the frosting on our cake, the funny in our bunny, the on-time in our late, the bass in our band, the obnoxious in our serious, the can-do in our can't, the tech in our ignorance, the voice of justice in our injustices, and the Eugene in our Miller. (please excuse cheesy birthday post, he would roll his eyes and say "Please..never say that again." But I do because I'm the sentimental sister who just doesn't have cool pick-up lines like he does.) 

 This has been life at the Millers by their emotional, sentimental, 17-year-old.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reminiscing at the Barkman home in Ohio then onto... NYC...

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.. together ,our children presented the song Zach and Eugene composed for the girls and us while Dave and I were in's called "Bacon"... they are..trying to stay in sync... 
I was so special..they sure made memories while we were gone....

Here's rich Rich Swartz, Daniel Pollard and Dave opening the gate and trying to figure out if we"ll fit in beside the church  of Followers of Jesus in Brooklynn on a Sat. night at 11:oo p.m.
after trying till 2:30,sunday Morning... and breaking a window.... we decided we didn't:)

Here's rich Rich Swartz, Daniel Pollard and Dave opening the gate and trying to figure out if we"ll fit in beside the church  of Followers of Jesus in Brooklynn on a Sat. night at 11:oo p.m.
Jim Gocanour and his wife ushered us to Times square on Sunday night after a good day together of 2 services and children,do not be captivate by the World! Big people as well!

Balto! in Central Park area...
                                             Now for the Plaza Hotel... owned By Mr. Donald Trump.
If you've watche dor read Eloise..the little girl in plaza Hotel with nanny.....well part of this ritzy Hotel basement is all dedicated to her little fans.Talk about pink!
What Grace decided she could afford was Chapstick with Eloise's name on it.

The entrance to the Biggest "Apple" store we've ever seen.
...seeing the  multitudes,We were moved with compassion... but what to do! 
The great Cathedral was not where we found the Presence of God but in the tiny basement where the Followers of Jesus met with us nightly...and I'm sorry we have no pictures of what meant the most and was most sacred each night..God was there and ministered to us all .PTL for the saints that are Missionaries here in the City..pray for them and their sacrifice as families of space, possessions and time!

Currently we've returned from our wonderful Pa trip, where  Deborah's camera was on the blink so no photos of all the dear people and happenings at the Bethel church !! and the auction week.
We are preparing to show the Courageous film in our backyard on Friday night and then leave for A 71/2 week western ministry trip with the Duane Mullet Family.We are very excited at this opportunity and ask for your prayers for safety,funds and most of all unity and The anointing to hear and Minister only what the Father is doing. Thank you,till we meet again!