Monday, January 28, 2013

Journey to Thailand

 The 1st morning 's view upon throwing open the shutters...ahhh....
 After spending 15 hours in this 747, enroute from Atlanta to Seole, South Korea.
 We were impressed at the Excellence of The Korean Air's accomodations,Hospitality,meals and the cute,sophisticated uniforms worn to match the plane's interior.Most of us  would say the scarf is too stiff,impractical and hair pc. ridiculous,but they sure stood out above the rest in air ports,they had taken off their formal jackets to serve us a meal in their matching aprons.
 The oasis where the FBR is held...going down the step of Dave and I's Bungalow  built on sturdy wooden pillars.I haven't asked what they are to keep out :( ?
 This is the window to our personal kitchen area...Which we didn't know we had access to till today:).

 One of several of our  friends of  who've just  joined the Mission field over here since January...The Lloyd Esh Family!Please Help them pray for a house just for them close to the Universities with a yard and a hosting dining area, that have no "spirit house's on the premises, preferably.

 The Edge Team

Austin Miller; Edge leader
At this Lanna Resort, This looks onto the open Dining are where we have great fellowship and Thai Meals. 
Notice the "spirit house" to the right where the Buddhist feed the spirits.

Even though we're not in a third world country this government street worker reminded me that we are in the Eastern Hemisphere.:)
Need any Eggs.

The mission House complex where it's open house on the main floor,and Gary and Lisa's family serves as cooks and house parents to all The GTO staff that live in the apartments and come around.

Pharmacy Shopping...

Yep,Dave learned how to read  Coke Zero in Thai.
Mary Ellen and Annie returning from Doctor..Annie says good chance this was a fellow in the heels.
What ever you do..don't enter their shops with your shoes on.