Friday, November 24, 2017

                   Embracing Womanhood 2017

                 Each speaker introduced their topic briefly the first night.
      Naomi,Viv and their drama team (Rosa and Jennifer in this one ) give us our "daily dose of laughter medicine"!

                   Brother Nelson has the opening prayer of dedication for the Conference.
      "One on one with a new friend sharing time" and reuniting with old friends are favorite memories each one cherishes after we all part are ways to our callings again.
            Everyone hearts were warmed and inspired by our Guest speaker, Jackie Kenaston!
                             Speaking life into each other is huge need met for us women.

Registratation and accountant ,Rachel Raber and Gospel Express secretary, Rhonda along with others taking care of much behind the scenes hours of administration.

 Hats off to our daughter, Deborah and The decorating Team who worked hardest the week(s) leading up to the conference!  Deborah found it so rewarding as she saw the first groups of excited ladies streaming thru the  front doors, she looked at me with  tired but gratefully relieved and elated tears , saying" they're actually coming!" Now,signs to be written revealing great menus, where to go for what, etc.The atmosphere is important for theses women who need refreshment and pampering.

                    Sarah sharing on "Shattered Dreams".
When Sarah stretches us to make a new connection and sharing and pray for each other.

                 During the last break Friday afternoon solo time is encouraged with the Lord.

  Photo Booth fun.The Ecclesia group and all they had up their sleeves; Other than red gloves and serenading "one of their own" in the powder room late one night. I was a witness.
                Friday night was open Sharing and Ministry time.
Anointing and prayers for healing.
         Unity in the Spirit. "We felt Your Bond of Love, Lord."            Hallelujah. Grateful for all the time and prayer that was put into our times of Worship and coming before Him.

"Come unto Me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden"...or just come and sit at His feet.
                                        Many behind the scene people cheerfully make it all work.

                   Jackie had her own props and illustrations that made us laugh and open our hearts.

Headaches,Heartaches and Hormones and how our Lord meets us, in them.

As Twila Paris would sing," I never get tired of watching You! Lord.We stood amazed in the Presence of Him who spoke gently, yet very specifically to a multitude of  us women who sought  Him in faith."He is worthy to receive all our praise!"
Ruth Ann Miller saying thank you! for all the help and support from the dear saints at Gospel Express Ministries and Foothills Community Chapel.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 Summer Northwest Tour (Post #1)

This first part of this summer's 6 week western tour began by heading northward thru Michigan and into the Canadian Providences where we had scheduled  services heading westward toward the Seattle Port for The Sail and Sing Alaskan Cruise.
As we were preparing to embark the eldest daughter was thinking. What can we take to make this old bus feel fresh and homey with it's 90's interior?

What are big Girls made of? What are Big boys made of? You decide what Kyle is thinking. We had a special service with the people at Faith Mennonite church in  Hillsdale, Michigan
That "gospel sawdust trail under the Big Top feel" is always refreshing as families from many churches fill the tent on warm summer nights. Dorchester,Wisconsin.
I was very entertained to observe  the preschool curly haired cousins openly  and delightfully attempting to  catch the eyes of their "Shirley Temple adorable-like" younger cousin

                                The art of complete strangers finding a common interest to talk about.            

                                               When parks are your office and "out".

                                    Trying some Thai supper in Regina, Seskatchewan.


When mom wants to put up a sign; We came  here ,"For the WIFI." 
                                                                  Picture Butte, Alberta.

When your bunk is your room.

On a Waterton Park  peak  in Ontario.

 Celebrating the view from the top after a pretty intense incline of a hike with the youth  group and Pastor friends from Prairie Christian fellowship in Magrath, Alberta.

We had left in May on the day of our 25th anniversary and so tried to remember to be in a "celebrating us" mode thereafter.
           Enjoying the fellowship with the saints from the quaint, stained glass church in Magrath.
Canadian Homemade pies in one of the most well presented and displayed carry-ins.

Deborah's turn to nestle in beside the driver heading into the sunset towards the Montana crossing of the U.S. Border.

When you are miles from anyone you know on a Sunday night. Just the seven of you. Yet, you rest in that,you are known. Known by Him who formed all this. 

Posted by: Ruth Ann