Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bringing Christmas Hope and Love to the Dear ones inThe North Florida Prisons

One of the Most fulfilling things we did this winter...
...Was to try to encourage,love and challenge these inmates and Brothers and sisters in Christ to keep or start  walking with The Savior.

Since Derek is over 18 he had his 1st opportunity to follow his Father back in the dorms to listen and share  with these men one on one.We were so delighted and grateful for all the Co laborers who traveled and sacrificed to help G.E. to cover many prisons in the North Florida area simultaneously in those 4 days.There were many 1st timers repenting and becoming a part of God's Kingdom and many encouraged to choose the High road in there daily decisions that are on that straight and narrow already.
In the services we try to utilize our great privilege of having our family in there with us,by having them,sing, play and act out a parable of salvation...

Here our Photographer;Lonnie Raber caught Kyle in mid fall during the Red Tie Resort Drama.Then the preaching of God's Word.

Were very grateful for the men who'd been going in to this prison every day,getting to know the fellows and inviting them to the services.We were especially blessed to see the father/son team,Stan and Ashton Overholt.

Thank you for any intercession...It was a bountiful,ripe harvest! Praise to the Lord...we can bring Christ to the people but only the Holy Spirit  can bring people to Christ. 

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