Friday, February 15, 2013

More of the Asian Journey...

Learning the Asian Culture and subcultures  along with its different 
 governments and languages and the challenges this equation  brings to one trying to minister there; was a real education for Dave and I.

Here we were participating in the "Penny fair" for the children at FBR. I set up abooth  using scarves to diagnose people's color Pallette for direction on what to where according to the season they are.Betty rolled my scarves back up as fast as I slung them around shoulders as we tested our clients.(The tablecloth was my beach towel,not trying to promote myself,doing with what we had available:).

Many fun games they came up with for the children...

and refreshments...
And yes, you could get  yourself put in Jail,in fact Lloyd gave his asking daughter some money to put someone in ,only to see the men coming after him,his own pennies:(.
This was one hat got well as thrown in the pool the last night because he'll be moving back home soon.They said its' tradition,Dave said he now understands how they get long termers for GTO.
Ultimate Frisbee..and yes,that's Chad  Esh playing,PTL,a miracle.
The $ brought in thru the Penny Fair went towards  a Fireworks show the EDGE guys put on for us,was amazing what they could buy with so little over there,quite a display they gave us.
The View we woke up to....Just beautiful ,lush green and peaceful except for roosters crowing and large white birds squawking.

The Broom that kept our room and porch swept so tidily each day…

The kindly, hardworking quiet woman , one of the group of Native families who lives on the grounds and maintain all of this beautiful Resort. I would practice my bowing my head/praying hands position in response to hers,  greeting  her with “Swat Ee Cau” or “Caut Cum Cau” in thanks as we’d pass. Cau is the female way to end your conversation and Men add a’p” or “b” sound to that, referring to their Gender, if I understood it correctly.

Austin headed up a volleyball tournament,which I was actually on the winning team. Any encouraging feelings went down when Austin said to me,"You can tell your children you didn't hinder your team from winning",!?:) we did call it the mama team since Maryellen and I were both on it.

The Orange flowering vines around it made you feel like it hadn't been used for ages,very unique.
This was the "Farm vehicle" they used to upkeep the place.
Dave had given the weekend theme..."Super natural Reflections "and The Lord ministered to all of us there that week.Good memories,altar times,praying together,intercession,singing..sharing.

Made so many precious new relations...
We'd have coffee breaks between the 2 morning sessions.

Mark and Betty, Board members and so much more were our hosts and guides over there.Got to fly home with them partways,slept in the Chang Mai Airport with them Sunday night,got to have  wonderful "last Supper together in Soel"upon receiving  free room vouchers in a nice Incheon Hotel when we were delayed because of Snow in South Korea,Monday night.Appreciated so much getting to know;Scott on left ,an EDGE Leader.
More to come..

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