Monday, March 11, 2013


We interrupt this array of Asia posts (though there are some still to come!) to catch up on much un-posted Miller life. Other then that of the Thailand travels we have not posted of life since Dec. 
So, forgive us for just now posting of winter holidays. 

 Christmas Eve tradition is chocolate fountain and hors d'oeuvres. 

We believe in simple gifts.

 Christmas Music
 Mother reads a Christmas book from the library. Can't get over the therapy I experience when Mother reads us stories.  

 Beautiful ladies that joined us for the events of celebrating Jesus. 
 Christmas Dinner. 
 Christmas Story by Daddy. 
 Two days after Christmas we head for Fl. for Gospel Express volleyball tournament, services (indoor and out), and new years eve service with local and visiting youth. This time also included connecting with dear friends. 

 So blessed with ladies to encourage me in the faith! 
 Derek and I play "Scum" with PA friends until 3:00 a.m. 
Blessed to have dear friends like the Groffs. They fed us delicious food in their beautiful home in the country after a service at the park.

There you have it: a quick recap of the end of Dec. and beginning of Jan. 

Be back soon.



  1. The description and pics of your Christmas season are filled with so much warmth...I love the gift ideas from the pics and your Christmas eve tradition..Thanks for sharing! And thank you for making the long drive to the country for us! God's richest blessing!!

  2. So much Beautifulness! You people i n s p i r e me! You Christmas table was absolutely gorgeous.:)