Monday, May 13, 2013

It was Mother's Day/ Baptism

Kyle and Grace were to be baptized along with others from the Church. 
It was a refreshingly, lovely service. 
Refreshing to be in the beautiful sun and breeze..
Refreshing to watch people take another step in the following of Christ.
Lovely because of the of being together with the Saints
Lovely because of the Presence of the Spirit 
 "Now, Nelson has a song for us..." says the moderator. He walks to the front and starts talking about Mother's day. I look over at Derek with the arm in the cast and say " 'Thank you Mamma'! Yes? " We both smile and nod predicting the future. Sure enough! He calls up the the family in the audience (they had no idea) and picks up the guitar "A song we've sung hundreds of times..." I wait for it..."A song called 'Thank You Mamma for Praying for Me'". I love hearing them sing together at random. 
Then there was children's songs that Nelson is so good at getting together. 
"If you're happy and you know it wear a smile YIPPPEEE!"
Powerful message by Mr. Beiler. 
Gracie shares her testimony (It was sweet and sincere.)... 
and likewise Kyle (it was a base-voiced, made-us-laugh, testimony)

The water was a might chilly. :)
" the name of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost"
and prayer of blessing

"buried with Him in baptism..."
"that like as Christ was raised up from the dead, even so we also should walk in newness of life"

 And the closing prayer, after river-side singing, with hands held and lifted together. 

That special baptism day was also Mother's day. 
and so the evening was spent with picnicing, talking, croquet-playing, Andy Griffith watching, and sharing blessings to our beloved Mother together.
Fresh Strawberries and homemade yogurt.
Compromises and treats.

Mother's Day photo 2013
Prayer for the food and Daddy thanks God for Her.

They're the cutest. 

Sitting around chatting.

There was frisbee and croquet


Father was winner, of course. We say he's best at all those Amish games. :) 

Controversial hits, there was. 

Kyle...all the woods...where I hit his ball far, far away. :)

Of Mother's Day activities un-pictured: 
  • Friday night, 2-hour, body massage until nearly two AM (For the house is more quite at that time.). It was lovely, just Mother and and essential oils. 
  • Crepe for Sunday morning breakfast.
  • Chocolate-Raspberry, sugar-free, cheesecake that we moaned and groaned over. You would never have guessed it's healthy sugar-freeness and we certainly thought it the element. :) 
  • Blessing time in the living room concluded with the singing of her favorite song and such. 
  • The drama that took place in getting Men excited about picnic dainties when there could have been a soccer game to attend, but in the end it was beautiful and we learned and we grew and we had a splendid time.

We are so incredibly grateful for our Mother. 
We are so aware of how we are not grateful enough.
We should have more Mother's Days in a year.
We should remember to bless and encourage all her sacrifice every day.
We stand amazed at how God can use a woman to influence us and our home so much.
We thank God for His life we see in her.
We are grateful that we can learn and grow together.
We are so grateful for His love to us-, undeserving, and how He uses Mother to show us this.

~Deborah Isabel


  1. This is just most precious. How very honoring. May God bless you Deborah.

  2. I love how you say, "compromises and treats". (well I know what you mean.:)
    and the picture of your parents- how dear! They are cute indeed.
    And I love how you ladies look so feminine playing croquet. lovely.
    the cheesecake recipe....PLEASE?????
    love you, Deborah.

  3. Looks like a lovely day!!! I miss those days of spending time w/ you all!!! Yes I would be interested in your cheesecake recipe too! Also your homemade yogurt recipe! If you dont mind?
    Love ya,

  4. This looked like such a beautiful time. I too would love to have the cheesecake and yogurt recipe,please. God bless you for blessing your Mother! You have a real sweet one!:) Jewel Nolt

  5. I really enjoyed this!