Monday, September 21, 2015


A year ago we were on a North Western tour with the Penner family (A post here) . After some intense weeks of touring, we took a few days off in Banff National Park. It was beyond beautiful and refreshing! Although we uploaded pictures for a post,  I just never posted it (until now). We are seriously inconsistent bloggers. :) So here we are, a year later, looking back on these memories with much fondness. 

CAPTIONS BY MOTHER (from a year ago. ;)) 

The Black bear cub who swam across to greet us at our 1st pull off traveling from Jasper to Banff National Park. this was the beginning of the most refreshing,breathtaking three days off we've had in a our recent travels!
Never have I cooked in such a Panoramic setting quite like this! It took the work right out of preparing supper! I have no walls or window pane between me and the children exploring the shallow lake bed before me.

I thought we'd do the dishes chuck wagon style and Derek  faithfully voluntered..

Celebrating making it to the waterfall which is just another last steep 100 yards from the top!

The reward you keep presenting to yourself on the tedious hike is that special famous little Tea House at the very end of this steep climb. Kind of a "Heidi" type chalet where the staff and food gets dropped by helicopter once a week.
We know they are to hunt for their own food,but face it, when they are this tame by all the picnickers,they have chosen fast food over foraging.Kyle and this one were communicating.

So,about a fourth of the way up we suddenly remembered that the website had noted that they only accept cash at the Tea House. We came up with close to $20.00 in American dollars in Dave's pocket.we hoped they were taking American currency!
So,the people that gave up their "tree stump seats" for our tired,hungry seven,offered us their leftover pot of tea and we tried to not agree too eagerly:). So we studied the menu and figured we could divey up two pots of tea and one tiny plate of cookies and crumpets with our cash.Thankfully I had packed the grapes you see,water and snacks which was all gone in hurry.It was good experience to break little cookies in half and share sips from one cup of tea, relish in the rest and refreshment of the view from the mountain top!

Touring a gand hotel. 

{Posted by Deborah/Year-old captions by Mother}

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