Thursday, October 29, 2015

Spring & Summer 2015

Spring 2015 Evangelistic Services
Annual Florida Gospel Express Auction/Singing and Preaching at Pine Craft Park

 Allison Bontrager flies for a visit.
A late night game of settlers in attempt to celebrate Kyle's 17th birthday as siblings during a revival week.
Taking time to speak BLESSINGS between family members during our week of Revival meeting at The Cleveland Fellowship in North Carolina.
What exciting things The Spirit was doing night after night.
God meeting us during Altar times during our very meaningful time at the Bethel revival services...

Youth night at Pastor Steve's place...

The showcase of Lunch before anyone dug into it's "Holmes County excellence" on our taste pallettes!
Truly, a feast for kings...I guess we are sons and daughters of "One"! Many saints wait for these things till glory, where calories don't "bunch up on you".

This wraps up the Spring/ Summer Revival meetings,so I can share the Fall ones next...each one has been a faithbuilding, growing experience, rich with quality fellowship for our family.God has been so faithful and merciful and meeting us once again.

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