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Embracing Womanhood Conference 2015

With the Knowledge that Embracing Womanhood Conference 2015 is coming up each  Team leader and their assistants are subconsciously thinking,praying,planning their part.Every year I rejoice in Ephesians 4's description of the Gifts in the Body being exemplified before our eyes!

"When He ascended on high...and gave gifts unto men...for the equipping of the saints,for the work of the ministry,for the edifying of the Body of Christ,till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the Knowledge of the Son of God."
Of  the many people involved and who serve diligently, below we have the Decorating Team Abby, Deborah, Jen, and Katrina....above are the candlesticks they gleaned in reuse stores throughout their summer days, knowing the theme for the year.

Here is Sara Kay from the Food Team (Rita and Kathy Miller not pictured) communicating with Debbie which wears multiple hats around here.I think they either ran into a problem or were just being anxious that there could be a problem if they didn't keep their act together,great animation ladies!
Here is the Registration Team,which got to work outside in the Crisp  Autumn air and be the first to greet all our guests first.

Getting here,getting Coffee,getting aquainted...Thursday.

Theme this year was out of Isaiah 40;31

A sweet Sanctuary stage Arrangement done by a Gospel express Secretary.

     In the Opening welcome: Nelson Coblentz, founder of Gospel express and husband of  Conference Director (Sarah), prays a blessing on our weekend together.          

      Our drama team bringing us our twice-a-day dose of medicine -- Laughter.Here presenting; "I am a Fine Musicion".

We were touched and challenged by Sherry Gore's life journey. She shared of her parents' separation and how that lead to childhood heartache, much rejection to the point of abandonment as a young teen.Sherry experiences took her anywhere from being a California disc jockey into the heartache and effects of her  own eventually hurtful marriage experiences, to saying goodbye to her own precious daughter, Jacinda, in a battle with cancer. Sherry has had lots of baking adventures which lead to authoring books,judging pie contests and being a cooking show host etc.
Taking time to praise and worship our personal Creator and Redeemer is an important part of each woman feeling refreshed,peaceful and or healed when they return to their callings back home.
We were so blessed to enjoy not only tasty food but nutritious Bistro-type ways to eat to it as in their homemade Black bean Hummus.
Greens,onions and tomato stuffed chicken pitas.
What greets us at the end of the first evening; A picturesque dessert bar all freshly baked by our Foothills women so kindly!

One of Cindy Mullett's THM masterpieces.

Sarah's tradition has been to find a partner whom you don't know, every year, share personal struggles and pray for each other the rest of the year.This has been so meaningful and encouraging for many, connecting with another Sister in Christ from different settings all over the U.S. and Canada.

Sarah sharing out of her own trials and testings along with her daughter Annie with such humility, honesty and  fresh, heart-felt details. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

We are grateful to Annie ,Ony ,Sheila and Kristan, who used their talents and gifts to lead our singing and time of worship and prayer.
Jen  Beiler sharing "The Path of Life" God has had her on thru childhood abuse and other trials.
The "Key" resembling opening a door for God to "go there" with us, which she availed to each of us,to receive one to be set free.

Naomi and Viv; Our bravehearted, creative Drama Sisters.
   The "Classy" versus the "Redneck" Drama (My own description not knowledgeable of the                                                                              real title).

"After" the makeup was applied....
Cindy 's volunteers "breaking the mirror "in the ending illustration of her "Dare to be Broken"session.
Brianna and Alisha playing the altar time music.

Ministry time...

                                                     Our dear friends at what we called the The Pa. Table this year:)!
Florida friends....
This year we only had Three Bontrager sisters singing for us beautifully; Kasie, Haley and Erin.

                                                  More short legged,short lived drama....
How does she do that?
Trish praying before Barb Yoder shared her journey in responding to her hardships,called"A Heart Like Jesus".

Deborah and I's project this year was to share on knowing if you are "cool or warm"  and within these colors; which value or intensity and how  wearing them glorifies how the Creator made each of us unique.This was the  "Color Boutique" where 70 some ladies were ananlyzed to determine" Their Season ."
Autumn Booth

                                                                    Fishy drama....
and the laughter it brings.
More of the prayer partner one on one time.

I love how the mother has no idea her daughter is smiling sweetly for the photographer:)!
Sarah is talking and trying to end it,but she can hardly  shut it down and get everyone quiet to move on!
Our faithful and Techy sound booth team; Greta,Doris and Brianna{not pictured}

Our prayer is that each woman was strengthened in their faith and relationship with the Lord and  had new inspiration and conviction to serve their families and ministries at home
I am so Grateful for the opportunities He opens and saints who serve to make it reality. 

- Ruth Ann

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