Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gospel Express Staff Celebrates Christmas at 
The Sharan Manor in Abbeville
Dave and Benita Chupp hosted our staff and several of the board members at a former elementary school /turned into their home and a B&B, plus catering facility. Our four course Prime Rib & Chicken Dinners complete with excellent servers and lovely Brunch on the following morning,was all 4 Star!

     Brother Nelson leading us all in a time of worship thru singing.

It's the Most wonderful time of the year...Aren't we blessed to be on this side of Pentecost and celebrate The Risen King in The Spirit together? Shall we say with his mother Mary; "be it unto me as you have said, I am your servant."
God has so blessed Gospel Express Ministry and it's endeavor's,we stand in Awe as we close the year.        Gratefully His; Ruth Ann

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  1. So beautiful! What a gift, glad you were able to be together at this venue, it looks smashing! I will continue to dream that maybe one day I will have a venue like this!! :-) It is so good to gather together as ministry partners and reflect and connect.