Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mother's Day in the Foothills

 Honoring Foothills Community Chapel

After the service the mothers were all dismissed first with their little succulents to enjoy a bit of uninterrupted fellowship in the sunshine...

                      uh oh,must be this usher slipped out first as the men were dismissed:).  
After a nice lunch together my family blessed me to do whatever I would desire that afternoon. Considering one daughter was out of state and  the boys had soccer plans anyway later that afternoon,I decided to find a quiet spot with my mother's quilt by lake Lure instead of the usual choice of us all playing crochet in the backyard. Therapeutic it was.Rich and alive broke He The Word to my seeking soul.The church bell chiming out hymns from the nearby mountain at six o'clock was "the cherry on top" from the Lord as I packed up my basket homeward to again attempt Christ's Motherhood call for me.

Grateful for the mothering joys as well as "The Heavenly sandpaper"( Nancy Leigh Demoss Wollgemuth's Quote),our children God uses to refine me:Ruth Ann Miller


  1. Thank you for updating! Found it interesting!

  2. This post is really awesome. Your post represents the togetherness and strength of a family very beautifully. Thanks for sharing this post with us.