Saturday, August 11, 2018

January 2018 International Missions

Dennis Mullet addressing the evening crowd, during another annual Kenya journey, as always brought large  group along to  minister in various ways!
                           Chitan family's first visit ti Africa, ministering  to us through beautiful harmony in open air village crusade.
Our dear Brother David Kioko, ACMI's full time photograher,graphic designs and video technician etc also hails as Dave's interpreter!
I can't move like they do but us "Wazunkoos" try our own style of worship to match their exuberance, tho we both feel it!
Getting to know the local villagers nightly, and here praying with children at the alter.

Justin leading some boys through the "steps to peace with God"...
                                              Brother Daniel Pollard bringing us the Word.

 Mama Ruth and the other sisters feeding us quality, delicious meals at all hours and locations!
All having the privilege to attend the mother church in Thika,The Global Cathedral.
Dave and I had the privilege of sharing and teaching at a Marriage Retreat in Thika.

Enjoyed the beautiful outdoor courtyard for the evening sessions. Below, sweet couples praying together and speaking life to each other.

We loved  reacquainting with some whom we'd known as teenagers in service as "Life Changers",now married as well as getting to know many new couples.

The hardworking couple who coordinate all that Dennis's group, Daniel Pollard, The Chitans and us do during these week;  Hats off to Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Irene Mulandi!

I am ttempting to bless Mama Ruth for once again serving spread of beautiful Banquet for the lovely ministry couples!
              Mr. Pollard,the visionary and heart behind these marriage retreats and the  giver of  gifts!
The testimonies of  the what God did in the couple's lives in those two days was so rewarding and bonding for all of us.
                   Chitans blessed our banquet with some wonderful songs to complete the night.
It was well going over again this year with what all God did in our lives and others between the different facets of ministry opportunities co-laboring with the ACMI staff.We P.T.Lord!

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