Saturday, December 17, 2011

GEET weekend.

A Weekend of Fellowship and Worship revolved around the Lord whom we celebrate this Christmas Season! 

    Here are 3 of our Wondeful Vs.secretaries whom prepared and decorated for the GEET Christmas .Banquet...,Norma,Jessica {whom assisted Duanes}Maria and Rebecca.

A Living Legacy reading the Biggest Legacy to...
To those least of these whom he believes are worth investing to faithfully carry out a greater legacy.
The Executive Board members and their wives all traveled to the area from Iowa,Indiana,Ohio,Pennsylvania,Georgia and South Carolina to join our staff for our Christmas weekend...wonderful bonding times.
Billiards were available with the Room rental,so....the staff gave it their best shot..pulling out the Any secret skills learned in their youth...
It seems the Board is now advising in more than ministry...
This was a memorable sight...we didn't know what all you Know..Duane!
Staff's  Daughters had time to connect on a more personal unhurried level......Miss Wengerds and Miss Mullette sandwiching Miss Miller
Yep.they all got involved :) and amazed us.
.Who needs planned games.....looks like a stack of chairs entertained the younger staff children with a good imagination.

                 The Biggest Surprise of My Life! 
                And the Best Party I've ever enjoyed so far! (since we're talking from prerapture here)

Now the next part was not in my knowledge or plans...... ok, so the Banquet was on Saturday Night,after all the out-of-Staters arrived.Sunday Morning we had our own Express Service at a Beautifuly renevated old train depot building in Tryon.The Board members and others Ministered to us.We "one anothered" and and a nice Carry in Lunch following.They announced we needed to all pitch in and Help since there would be another group having a function in there that evening.(By the way...I had turned 40 the day prior.)Yet,odly enouph Dave asked if I was ready to leave strangely early when we"d barely started any clean up.I knew he was doing something special for me that eve for my birthday so I figured I'd better obey cheerfully and go home and rest for when we go out that night.Well after I slept soundly for at least 2 hours,what I didn't know is all my family and some of my house guest ladies were back over there preparing the place...enough of them stayed around the house so I'd here some commotion and thought nothing of it.
.So I finally get up wondering why Dave wasn:t enjoying a rest with dressed,he'd said formal,was apologizing to the board member's wives that I would not be there to entertain them that night.I grabbed some turkey BBQ out ofthe fridge for them to heat up,felt sorry for the 2 youngest children home alone that night as the others were supposed to be at "Choir Practice".Well after we left the house Dave gets a call that Deborah left her camera bag in the Train Depot Bathroom  earlier that day and could we swing by and get it before it gets stolen or something.That seemed normal enough for Deborah:)..she's  much like me.I was dissapointed when we pulled in and Dave said I would have to go in because it was in the woman"s.So I leave my purse in the car,reluctantly get out of the cozy car into the dark cold night to interupt are perfect night to crash someone else's party by the looks of the place all lit up.I get out and we quietly sneak into a front side door where no light are on,proceeding with much caution so as to not interupt this unknown people's event. we's very quiet,Dave goes first...maybe a quiet  piano playing on the distance,but saw no people milling at first glace,as I rounded the corner into the Hall the hooks of coats were all loaded!Yet,I heard no talking..puzzled I whispered for Dave to wait as he boldly went forth toward the lit room where I was picturing some formal little old ladies' party in between songs being played on the piano..because of the silence and lack of movement we could see.Well,just then a person I knew came into view dressed very formal and I quickly backed up into the dark room to let the realization soak in,I'd been had! Dave pulled me forward into a beautifully decorated room FULL of people I know and Love all dressed emaculately in their best it seemed.Needless to say we had a wonderful night!It was so amazing to watch your family run something they had coordianted and planned all without you! I rather enjoyed standing back and watching...they had prepared it beautifully to my taste and enjoyment with such love and honour toward me .I felt so unworthy.Truly I cried and laughed and will never forget it.Thanks to all who attended and gave gifts toward my Africa trip!

Yes,I cried.

Then we had a wonderful last day together yet with the GEET staff and Board member's wives after sitting in on the forenoon board meeting and a goodSoup and sandwich winter lunch made by the secretaries and Sara Esh.

Peaceful Holyday to you and Yours for now!
Photo credits to" Belle Portraits"

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