Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grace Annabelle

She's 8 today!
 "Name three adjectives that describe Gracie." I ask all family members on this birthday morning.
Mother: "Sweet, Caring, Precise,Gracious, Funny".(No she doesn't stick with three. And I only named SOME of the words she chose.:)

Eugene: "Fun-loving, Kind, and Out-going."

Father: "Cute, Cheerful, and Compassionate."

Kyle: "Sensitive,Joyful, and  Playful."

 Derek: "Mature, Adorable, and Dramatic." 

 And please, I pray, don't confine me to three adjectives...
    Her voice bounces around the house in joyful song, she's on and off the piano bench all day long, she loves pulling up a chair beside me to help bake, basic comfort clothes are what matter most, entertains with her witty words, someone spending time special for her is what makes her feel loved, strait-forward, all-or-nothing, practical, and ever so sweet. She is our Little One, and we couldn't be more grateful to be able to watch the beautiful girlhood she lives in our home. Much love to our Grace Annabelle.

                                                                 Deborah Isabel

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