Monday, January 23, 2012

Kenya...2012 with Dave,my trip of a Lifetime...soaking in much culture!

The exoticly tropical yet primitive;Blue Post Hotel and their professional  and courteous employees whom we've grown to know and love.
Dave soaking some Sunrays near the equator while waiting on our ride after breakfast.

Dave going to exchange dollars for Shillings....Mr. Mulandi connections gets us a good rate thru the manager.
An older woman bringing home bambooeither for building a mud or dung building or protection wall?My guessing...

A new convert to Christ on staff at the cyber room at Blue Post thanks to God working thru brothers like Mr. Pollard and Mullet while they stayed their.They are definitely intentional witnesses, were many of our team this year.

Following our service s in the men"s and women"s facility here and  introduction in the OI.C."s office,they requested a photo ,thankiful for the soap we were sharing with the residence in Jesus" Name.

The privileged ones had buckets they brought to avoid sitting on the floor,many responded fro a fuller surrender to Christ with their life.

these on the side all moved in from their housing building when Ryan got Jeffrey out...

...going to claim their tin pail of rice and beans for supper.

The pails for seats...and as for Flip Flops....many inmates didn't have any or not matching and good pair to go work in the fields in.We would welcome anyone to help us furnish these with a pair.

The donkeys bringing freshly processed rice to the warehouse.

This is where I had a very interesting experience watching our native friends select the best quality price and barter for a good deal!Elijah our single brother,soundman and Keyboard player selecting his portion to take home.

This video is a bit of the long conversation that unerstood not but was amazed,wondering how you could discuss rice for that long:)..who knows maybe they were talking about me:)!

I was intrigued as this seller had a real rhythm going as he scooped it in the bags!

Roadside produce brought to us on the way home...

The Officer in Charge who asked to interpret for Dave because he said"He wanted the Annointing!"

The Life Changers leading worship before the message in the Village crusade.

Young brothers offerring to pray for Dave before he went on the platform....

One of the many nights where children were held and loved...

Our friend,interpretor and driver;Francis and his sweet and giving wife.

Samuel and Francis..great brothers in the Lord.

Our dear Traveling sisters,what troopers they are for their age.Using their vacation money for a missuin trip.God used them to evangelize(at least 6 or so children got saved),encourage,disciple and pray for many.!Bless em Lord.
I smiled,amusingly at these Blue post engraved flip flops offered in our motel room but later couldn"t decide if they were to keep your feet dry when using the bathroom,clean when walking the dusty wood floors or  to avoid smashing all the tiny ants with your feet:)I know this much,It was definitely not for the looks:(!

Our Romantic mosquito netted bunks :).It was abeutiful part of the culture I was soaking in until one was stuck INSIDE my net with me till 4:00 a.m. one night.Believe me,bright lights were turned on at one little buzz,and we went round till it was defeated.thankfully neither one of us got sick anytime! Thanks for praying,and thank you ,Father!
Dave and Sam Yoder taking opportunity one of their rare moments together over there.

It was truly a gift to me from god to go and I embraced every moment of it,hoping some ongoing positive fruit will come from my going such as meeting needs God layed on my heart by being a voice over here for them ,esp. the inmates there. Bibbles and flip flops fisrt of all , us if you can contribut eto these needs.Much more could be said but would rather share personally,thanks to all who made it possible!I am content to stay home with the family many future years,I;d say while they are in the much as I enjoyed the 2 weeks with Dave in that "other "ministry of his I'd never experienced with him

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  1. YAY! Looks wonderful. So glad you can be experiencing all this with Daddy, Mom! Makes me gitty to see you both having such a blessed time. Miss you!