Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Heading Home...

                                    Ready to head Home...

Upon being dropped off at the Chang Mia airport,Our dear friends,(former GTO staff  and current Board members) ;Mark and Betty Yoder and us did not realize both flights leaving for Seoul,South Korea would be cancelled because of heavy snow there. So we bade our  dear missionary friends goodbye and ended up "kind of sleeping",chatting,lounging in the airport there all night together.
Dave says you know the Restrooms are an experience when the wife comes out of one with the camera hanging on her neck.They were quite modern and excellent!

 Upon arriving safely in Seoul,we were greeted with frigid temperatures and the inches of fresh snow left from the storm,the night before.After realizing we had missed our connecting flight and would have to spend the night in a Californian airport,we decided to accept the hotel  and meal vouchers and see a bit more of South Korea.

 This Train track ran right by our motel where they put us up with vouchers for the night once again.
 Dave checked in and we called the children to announce we'd be 24 hours later in  our arrival home.
 We asked which Hotel Marks had checked into,found it quite nice,and were waiting to have a little joke on  them after we'd told them earlier we'd take the last flight out yet that night.
 Our room was very clean and accomodating with Robes,slippers and all,and Dave had fun calling Mark and Betty's room pretending to speak Korean;Mark disgustingly said,"I don't understand you!"and hung up:).Dave called back with some jolly laughter to a surprised Mark and we enjoyed a wonderful supper togrher that night catching up with what all had happened at the FBR Resort the week before.We both felt it was a God ordained meeting.

 After enjoying the huge Hotel Restraunt Breakfast Buffet including all kinds of Exotic herbs,greens,soups and fruit with a large  flight crew amidst us,we headed back to the airport.

Catching up on my Travel Journal and interviewing my we head towards the International date Line...

How the experience is to fly back in time;  We left South Korea at  10:45 on Tuesday forenoon,with a beautiful sun having risen and shining brightly on the blanket of snow... 
as we are getting closer to the International dateline I see the sunlight diminishing fast and nightfall furning to a pitch dark black,just as our screen reads we're crossing the Date Line over the Pacific Ocean I see the crest of moon,you see a blurr of in the picture below.

As we head towards land, British Columbia I see a bit of light on the Horizon and as we cross down onto the United States we watch a beautiful sun come up over the Horizon.By trhe time we're heading's a sunny Tuesday again in the states and we touch our wheels down at Washington Dulles Airport 13 hours later it's 9:45a.m. Tuesday.So whatever we didn't do on the Tuesday in the air we can now do on land the same Tuesday.Dave says it's the only time you get a 2cnd chance to Obey the Spirit on the same day.
It was like watching a geography lesson  on the rotation of the sun and moon over the World in fast "backward" from the sky.
I don't think our Mortal bodies were made for this stuff, 2 days later we packed again to leave for the Prison crusade in south Carolina.It was truly all a learning and enriching experience.What stood out most to Dave and I though was how different the methods are in Asia to Evangelize compared to  our African experiences.The  strong Buddhism and Language barrier throw in a great challenge in the number in converts won ,short term.
Let's pray the missionaries will not lose heart in Asia!They are in vast mission Field with only 10% professing Christian Faith,most of those being Catholic.

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