Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Homeschool Tea and Lunch

 It was a beautiful day in April and a small group of home schoolers from the community  came together to...well.. be together. For fellowship, for food, for play. They gathered to be with some they knew well and to get to know others they didn't. They said to themselves, when it was over: "We must do this again sometime. "
  • The Mothers talked and dined at the table below (between listening to violin duets and keeping children safe and happy.)
  • The boys played airsoft. 
  • The girls had their own tea party, played violin and viola, and had all manner of outdoor running abouts. 

Dogwoods and tea dainties. 

 Coconut lime bars. Yes, sugar-free, yes, superfood-ish, and yes, a Deborah original. :) 
 We'll be honest, Trader Joes has good last-minute tea supplies. :) 
 Girl's tea.
They're darling. 
We met the Revels family through violin lessons, so, of course, one must stage a few duets. :)
Out-door, all-contributed, lunch. 

     New friends are fun, and finding kindredness is even more so. :) 

{in behalf of Miller 7}


  1. Looks wonderful!!! So lovely ...lots of memories!!! Could I get your recipe for the coconut lime bars? Love ya, Charlene

  2. how lovely. And Deborah, I simply MUST have the coconut lime bars recipe. Please? Thank you.:):)