Monday, August 5, 2013

Millers in D.C.

We returned from a two and a half week tour yesterday morning just in time for Church. It was such a rich, blessing of a trip. So many personal, "God-is-so-good", stories to tell. We treasure each in our hearts. 
Tonight I'm posting a few pictures of our two free days we had on our trip which we ware able to  spend in Washington D.C. 
Such a great time! 

 Air Space Museum 

Because boys like that sort of thing. :) 

         Where "The Discovery" himself rests after it's 11 or so expeditions for the U.S. of A.
World War II Memorial at night- amazing. 
We represent and love both states. :) 

Washington Monument 
Lincoln Memorial. I was inspired. 
She was amazed. 

Grace is notorious for random-moment photography. Photo credit to her on these both. 

Grace has an eye for good climbing trees. 

Cute, huh? :) Polka-dot umbrellas are way better then sun-glasses and hats. 

We ladies enjoy ourselves some museum trekking; here at The "Women of the Revolution". :)

The mob of people and the ridiculous amounts of DSLR cameras made the viewing of the place somewhat less touching. However, if one really focused on the item at hand it was still a monumental moment. :) She keeps bees, our First Lady, which one can see from the front lawn. Made me proud. 

Unpictured moment: Viewing of the Holocaust Museum. That changed me too. 

Amazing the things God will teach you in your "days off". We learned a lot in Washington and gained new appreciations  and new burdens for our country. 

There will be more pictures to come concerning the rest of the trip and some past summer events. 


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  1. what great memories! so glad ya'll got to experience all of those places too!
    miss you guys...