Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Tour Tidbits.

     A few pictures for you. There's been lots of ground covered since the events of this trip, but we're posting about it anyhow. The past two post have been from events on the same tour, we're now finally finishing up with a few random shots taken in difference states and weeks. 

One Sunday morning:
Eugene thinks he can tie a tie far better then Derek. :) He took before and after pictures, of course. 
Sunday morning outdoor service. 

Grace took this picture and thought it was very cool. :) 
Once in Canada we were thrilled to spend a few days with the Penner Family. We had services, meetings, and a wedding in their area and they were so incredibly hospitable, despite the fact they were moving all their furniture out of their house (unsure of what house it would go in once they get back from their trip which they were also preparing for.) 
Lovely outdoor dinner. So much fun to have a "day off" with them! 
 They blessed us by taking us to an adorable tea shop for some lady time. 
I was blessed and challenged by these godly women. 
What expressive mannequins. Mother insisted we pose with them. :)
We both had local services and came back to their place for a snack. Two blenders doing fraps and smoothies made for a noisy kitchen. :) 
Daddy talking on the phone and cleaning bus tires. 
We were so glad we were there to help the Penners move their furniture out of their house. We were so amazed by what all was on their plate and how they were allowing God's grace to carry them through it!

     Not long after we joined Gospel Express we were having tent meetings in Canada where we met our dear John Kuephers family. We've so enjoyed spending time with them over the years, and were thrilled we were able to attend the wedding of their daughter Meagan while in Canada!

 Meagan and Max
 The reception was full of meaningful words and so much laughter! We so enjoyed all the candid open-mic sharing. :) 
 Catching up after years of not seeing one-another!

 The Parent's touching and hilarious open-mic speeches. What fun. 
 A few days later, after the couple was on their honeymoon and we had several services and meetings, we returned to Cottonwood Manor for a delightful dinner (and GE Canada board meeting.) with the Kuepfers. In our travels we have many different homes in different states that feel like a bit of "home" to us. This is one of them. 

Returning form our tour of the Newlyweds home. 
After Canada was another service in PA and then a sweet little time in our beloved Holmes County to close out the trip.

Here Grace is watching Curious George with her little cousins while in Oh. 

When we arrive home all of this stuff happens. Car and bus maintenance is one of Dad's favorite hobbies. :)

"Serve the Lord with gladness, come before his presence with singing. Know ye that the Lord HE is good: it is He that hath made us and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of his pasture"   

`Psalm 100: 2 and 3

(Our trek to Arkansas is coming up next!)



  1. Thanks Deborah, it was fun getting this glimpse into your life.

  2. Looking back this wk.end in amazement,how fast time went!already a whole wk.went by since our time w/ your family @ Penn Valley.LOVED it,& appreciated you all so much.Hope the rest of your tour goes well!
    Kathryn Martin