Monday, September 16, 2013

Recent Travelings


(two trips ago, but no matter)
A week of revival meetings at Shady Lawn Mennonite. 
Such found memories.
Us youth throughly enjoyed bonding with the youth from the church. Many late nights, Dutch Blitz games, hymn singing, and games of Confusion. :) 
I told Mom when we walked into the church on the first evening: "I know we're going to love these people and bond with them so well..." And so it was. 
But most importantly, the Lord was so faithful to show His presence that changes lives. 
 We three oldest after what we call the "Egg-cillent" children's class. First time in doing. Eugene was just fantastic. :)
New friends. 
 It's just such a pleasure...such a pleasure to meet such wonderful people. 
 Over our week in Arkansas we were in about twelve different homes and each was so fun! Above picture was an incredibly loud and hilarious night. :) We loved getting to know the Beilers.

Oh, the joy we had in playing Dutch Blitz with the Stoltzfus'. :) It became tradition. 

   Sat. night after the service: delicious meal and then, clear the table for a rousing (and noisy!) game of "Pit". 

 It was an honor to share a meal with the Duggar family while in Arkansas.

Penn Vally Retreat (with East District Mennonite.) 

(Just this past trip)

This church has a neat tradition of asking one family a year to come sing/speak during their church camping weekend. This year we were privileged to be that family for them. We very much enjoyed getting to know them all and being apart of their weekend. 

 Grace enjoyed the fun Children's activities. 
 Sun. night Dad preached the "family night" message that concluded with a time of blessing from husband to wife, to parents to children ,to siblings to each other. 

  Monday held a talent show. Loved listening to these three widows sing passionately. :) 
 Corn hole tournament in which The Brothers came in second. :) 
We fans. 
 Good memories we made: Dear spotting, singing under stars, playing volleyball in an old barn, and late-night Catch Phrase. 

New Lady friends. 

Days off, Delaware, Pennsylvania, generator problems, meetings, appreciation dinner, time with friends, and Prison service...

it's what happened next on the trip, though is mostly un-pictured. 
     We were so honored to have a service in a women's prison in PA; Mother says it was the highlight of the trip for her. Just Mom, Dad, Derek and I could get in, but such a blessed time.

 On days-off hair-cuts, school, and drama writing need done. 
 One night, on our way to the next destination, we were playing Rook when I decided that (for the sake of generations to come and capturing these fleeting days), we needed a picture. I put the camera on self- timer and the brothers started mocking what could be said as a FB caption with the picture: "Rook with the besties! #lovethem", "Love these guys! #rook #goodtimes".  We're pretty opinionated about things like this. :)

Breakfast with the Kings one beautiful Wed. morning. We love being around their table. (only Anna and I pictured here, obviously. ;) 

Annual Gospel Express Soft Ball Tournament (Gap, PA.) 

Our trip was concluded with this event we enjoy so much! We love working with dear friends in preparing and serving food along with the out-door singing and watching of ball games. 
 Cutting up fruit for smoothies with PA sisters is a good time (even if they don't know how to say "tournament":)). 

 Parfaits! (Grace photography)
  Out-door singing. The evening included Nelson and James, The Mullett Family, The Nolt Family, and  we Millers. 
 Sat. morning Eugene and Dad are packaging Beef Jerkey for selling. 
 Jake is busy at the grill making breakfast sandwiches. 
 Matt and Chet: the men that make it all happen- truly. 
 Sara, Grace, and Lydia working the Smoothie Stand. 
 Fresh-cut french fries!
 Final ball game watching. 

    After all the clean-up (which happened so fast with all those willing hands working together), I asked a few friends to the bus for tea, then it was to bed before a Sunday with two services and then..... HOME!
    Here I sit now, in our beloved kitchen that we deem "big" after having been on the Bus for a time. We don't have much time at home, but we do hope to get much done in the time we have. I told Mom (in the spirit of giving thanks in everything) that one benefit of short times at home is how it forces us to embrace redeeming the time! :) Pray for us as we focus on getting projects done and also resting (which may require wisdom in what things to cut out).
     We appreciate and feel your prayers. I learned so much during this past trip -- hard things, good things. And, like the Pastor from Arkansas wisely prayed over us: "...give them just enough trials that they will stay dependent on you..." we are more aware of our need for Him through these things.



  1. Hi Deborah! Thanks for this lovely update! We saw some familiar sites...:) which included Penn Valley with East District last Labor Day weekend! We were honored to share with them last year and so that of course brought back memories! It was fun connecting with you all at Gap Park again! God bless you as you continue to reach out to others! Jewel for the Nolt family

    1. That's right! They talked about you all while we were there! Good things! :) We were so glad to see you all again as well!