Friday, November 29, 2013

Embracing Womanhood Conference 2013

Greetings to all of you from Ohio on the day after Thanksgiving (A.K.A. Black Friday. But I try to forget that since it seems a greedy way to close a supposedly "grateful" holiday. I've gone though, so I don't accuse those who do. :)) Anyway.... I've had all the pictures for this post uploaded for weeks now, and just haven't taken the time to post them. 

I could expound much on the beautiful time we had that Oct. weekend in N.C. However, today I'll let the pictures speak for lack of time. 

Rachel "woman's" the registration.

Introduction of the speakers. 
Fern Schlabach on Hospitality. 
Humor is such a huge part of a gathering of women. :) 
And dessert....that's a huge part too. :) 

Our theme this year was "Surrender". It was such a blessing to work with Kristen (one of the GEET secretaries) in decorating. This is a sign she made. 

Coffee/ tea/snack bar. 
Photo credit to Grace on some of these. The first night I failed to get pictures of a lot of things and then forgot my camera the second day. Thanks to a friend who let me barrow hers, but it still meant some things were missed in the photography line. :) 

Supper on Thurs. Night

Fri. forenoon session.

Our drama team was tremendous. 

Cindy, Brianna, and Alisha singing before one of Cindy's sessions. 

Alter time...
Testimony and sharing time. 

Saturday Forenoon session by Mother. 

Closing prayer before brunch and all heading back to live out the work the Lord did in our hearts. 

Cooks, secretaries, staff, speakers, and so many more all pitched in to make it all happen. It was such a blessings to all work together in it. 

So grateful to the Lord for each woman that came, for each lesson we as staff learned, for the grace He gave, for the details He worked out, and His presence that can change hearts. 


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  1. Oh Deborah!! This looks SO lovely! May the Lord continue to expand the work of your hands and the vision He has laid on your heart for women! And may you continue to bless many by your testimony and the giftings He has given you of encouraging and uplifting others!
    So glad this dream was able to become reality!
    miss you all!