Monday, December 16, 2013

Banquets 2013 (Midwest, OH, and PA)

I believe in taking pictures of moments. Interesting moments, not-so-picture-perfect moments, every day moments, special occasion moments, and we-don't-don't-want-to-forget-this moments. Just because life changes and looking back at pictures helps you remember. 

Here are "moments" from banquet tours 2013. 
 That "road-school" moment. 
 That moment when I am so grateful for a bit of privacy (no matter how small a space it may be.) 
     That reunion moment.
(Sweet Jessica (former nanny for New Creation. Now happily married and and living in Ind.) brought lunch for us teams. So yummy, and so good to see her again! :))

 That boy's-table moment. (Ind.) 
 That sound table moment. (we all congregate here once the meal is done and we're "standing by".)
 That iPod moment. 
 That banquet-almost-over moment. 
 That glory moment. ( Nelson's glory hand-raise is always what you look for from the stage. It's all good then. :)) 
 That back rub moment. (only a short window in the banquet where anyone is available for such things. :)) 
 Those tear-down moments. 

That proud sister moment. 
(I honestly admire them so much. The men's set-up and tear-down routine is no small order.) 

That moment when you realize you appear to be an RV park. (Iowa)

That moment when the electricity goes out mid-banquet. :) Nelson talks (trying to act natural) to keep the audience assured and Mother shines a flashlight on him. The men go for the bus, the extension cords, and the ladies go for more candles, and watch the sparking electric line outside (along with half the banquet attendees. :)). What a party. So much fun, actually! :) God really took care of arranging things in a way we could  be back in working-order soon. Besides, singing hymns by candle-light is always special. :) 

   That "hide the women and children" moment. 
Son takes father. 

That hallway moment.
Those ending banquet moments (OH.)

That take-advantage-of-free-wifi moment.
That sister moment.
That "yet I will praise Him" moment (singers missing due to illness. :))
That hand-game moment. (They have their eyes closed for reasons of skill-proving.)
That post-banquet coffee shop moment.
That set-up, geek moment.
Those banquet-prep moment
Noon-banquet moments.

Mullett moments
Miller moments

That moment just before we head on stage for group finale
Finale moments
That moment when you come out from a banquet to this. sigh, groan, laugh.
Yellow moments (PA)

Bontrager moments
Relaxed, noon-banquet moments
"Nelson and James" moments
Babysitting moments

Visiting-adventure moments

Guest-speaker moment

Banquet #14 done moment.



  1. I laughed out loud at some of those pictures !! Thanks for posting, I so enjoyed it. It brought back many fond memories. We LOVE you all !!

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