Tuesday, June 3, 2014

And then there were four

Good friends of ours offered that we could use their house in Florida sometime. "Family Vacation!", we thought. As we were discussing summer plans the idea came up to spend a week in Florida. The boys said they weren't sure they liked the idea of that much time in Florida. They're teenage boys and need things to do more then laying in the sun. So, the more we thought about it the more we felt we should use the time to get away and work on projects that are hard to get done while in the business of at home. 

This Summer we are hoping to have new dramas written as well as working on other writing projects. So it was decided that the parents and the girls would go to be refreshed and work on these projects. 

The trip was somewhat delayed due to the passing of a man we all greatly honor; Mr. Hallelujah Ervin. Mother and Father came home late Wednesday night from the funeral and we woke early Thurs. morning, packed the boy's lunches for work that day, and headed south. 

And so the week went on with special outings, time in the sun, walking the beach, and some intense times of writing. We were so blessed and refreshed by our time along with feeling relieved to get some much-needed writing done. 
The trip down was even special. Grace and I played a I Spy game we'd printed out before we left. We listened to glorious music and had such joy in our hearts as we shared of things the Lord had been doing in our lives. We discussed the legacy of Hallelujah Ervin and had tears in our eyes at how the Lord used his life. We had time to share our hearts and talk through things. That in it's self was such a blessing. 

The gate to enter the beautiful patio behind the house. 

Another reason for the trip was celebrating Mother and Father's 22nd anniversary! The first day there us girls did our thing while they did theirs. It was a fun first day before hitting out laptops for writing. 

Meanwhile the girls are chilling at Books-a-Million 

Prayer and devotional time by the water one morning. 

Daddy took Grace out to watch the sunset on a night when Mom and I were writing. 

Our very favorite Florida restaurant. 

And the final night held a picnic by the water. 

They really like each other. :) 

We are grateful. 



  1. beautiful family!

  2. Happy Anniversary & hope you have many more!! Your a wonderful family, keep doing what your doing!! Debby Graber

  3. I love this! so beautiful...I can only imagine what a wonderful time of refreshing it was. perfect locations for all of that. =)