Monday, May 12, 2014

Celebrating Mother

 This year it was supper on Monday after Mother's Day due to other events on Sunday. 
 There was peach tea... 
and togetherness
and crepes, of course. 

We all wrote out an acronym to Mother's name and here she reads them aloud. 

Here are a few of the words used to describe our dear Mother:
Radiant, responsible, reverent, really amazing
Understanding, unique, uncanny, unity
Tender, truthful, talented, trustworthy, truthful
Hospitable, hard-working, helpful, humble, heart-giving

Authentic, artistic (three people used this word), active
Noble, neat, nice, not stressed
Nutritious and delicious (inside joke), nice, naturist, noble, n' wonderful friend :) 

Mother's Day photo 2014



  1. How sweet. :)

    Thanks for this "inside view" into your Mother's Day celebration. Love how you go all out to make things fancy and special. Also, the photos are lovely. :)

    Smiles to all!

  2. Thanks for sharing this lovely time w/ us!!! You have a Beautiful (inside & out) Mom!!! Also a lovely family! Blessings to you! Love you, Charlene

  3. Lovely post! I love the mother + daughters pictures and the last one best! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. ah, I LOVE this!! so precious!
    and deborah...i love how you styled that yellow shirt w/ the high waisted skirt/belt. gorgeous!