Friday, September 12, 2014

10 days -- 21 services (Western Tour Post #2)

This past Friday a week ago the Penners and the Millers held their first service together (after having had two days of beautiful hospitality at the Penners since our last post). Since then 21 services have been held. Most of them have been together, with the exception of Sunday mornings and one or two prison services. We’ve had two days "off” (meaning no services), today being the second. 

      I’ll throw in some stories, journal entries, and details of the past week and a half, amidst the pictures (though the stories may not actually correlate with the exact pictures). 

At the Penner residence. 
Heading out...

Celebrating Derek's 21st Birthday! 

After our first service in the Penner’s hometown we headed to Winkler, MB for an all-day sharing on “The Family” with a dear group of people from the area. 

Mother and Father did the first session on marriage. 

After a delicious supper there was a Children’s class. J
And the day was concluded with a session on family, a time of family members blessing one anther, the dear people speaking and praying blessings over the Penners and us, and naturally, a run to Tim Hortons. J

"Just a Pretty Face taking up Space" drama. 

(Gathered in one bus to head to a prison service) 
The middle of the first week together held many prison services together. It was a new cultural experience for our family to visit Canadian prisons. Grateful for the opportunity! 

      Pre-prison service drama:


Journal Entry

     “I thought Grace’s undershirt wasn’t right for the dress she was wearing. She responded negatively to every suggestion for an alternative I gave. I was annoyed at her responses. I thought she shut the bunkroom door in my face – she didn’t. The tension was elevating. At this point the prison service was drawing very near. Mom told Grace and I that we can resolve our conflict on our own…unless it takes too long. J  We began to reconcile, but we simply had to finish getting ready and the undershirt was still not figured out. I walked to the front of the bus to finish my hair. Now the undershirt problem is between Mom and Grace…I removed myself purposefully. Dad heard Grace crying as she was talking with Mom and asked me what was up with her. I sighed (groaned), “I don’t know. She’s annoyed at me and I’m annoyed at her.”

Eugene chimes in, “It’s warfare. This always happens before a prison service. We just need to all be aware of it. Just don’t let it happen!”

“All right, Mr. Perfect, it’s not like I’m trying to add to the problem!” I thought. So I huffed to show I was unimpressed by what felt like an accusation. Then Derek tried to defend me and Eugene and Derek started intensely discussion what Eugene meant. Eugene said, “See, look at what’s happening! Just stop!” Derek tried to respond, feeling misjudged, but Eugene stops him, “No more. Just stop.” (Do you see how they’re arguing about Eugene’s statement about the argument being warfare? Derek didn’t disagree with the comment, just the tone, if you know what I mean. We almost laughed then…but it was a little soon.)

     When all was finally done and we were on our way to the prison we said our apologies and ended up laughing at how obvious the warfare was and how crazy pre-services activities can be. Praise Jesus for love, forgiveness, and laughter.”

 Out to eat after a prison service one night. 

 Headed into Alberta...
 Spending part of a day and an evening service with a dear group of Hutterites 
(though they don't really consider themselves under this title.) .

Way back in, I tell you. 
 The kitchen. 
 Giving us a tour of the different businesses and such on the premises. 

 Delicious meals were served! 

 Snack and fellowship to follow. 

 Wonderful group of ladies we got to know just a little bit. :) 
The Mothers. 
 They graced us with their singing! 
Normally one person or another takes interest in the harp after the service. :) 
 Bus tours...come one, come all. 
We had a splendid time in at the colony, and they sent us away with clean laundry, food, fuel, and good memories.  

This past Saturday we were privileged to have during-the-day sessions. The men met in the morning and the mothers and daughters met separately in the afternoon. Tania, Julia, and I loved our outdoor time with these ladies. Above, Tania has a wonderful object lesson. 

 If for no one else, Miss Julia's session was for me. I absolutely love these dear Penner women we get to travel with. We've begun acting and giggling like sisters do. Such fun. 
 Playing under the Canadian flag. :) 

Life, my friends. 

THIS NIGHT! Oh, sweetest of coziest and refreshing nights! On Sunday we had morning and afternoon services, which left our evening open! We all snuggled in the Penner's bus after supper (with awareness of snow predictions) for coffee, tea, a challenging sermon on DVD, and a good Collingsworth singing DVD. So much what we needed after a full weekend. The Lord takes good care of us. 
 And the predictions were accurate! Our second day off held the first snow we've seen this year. 

Naturally, when one is a young soul, you bundle up and go out in it! 

It is far past my bedtime (not like we actually have a bed time while on the road.), but I was trying to take advantage of internet while we had it. :) 

So yes, I'm in a large community building, in the dark, all by myself, trying to finish this up. Desperate times call for desperate measures. :) 

Good night!

{Posted by Deborah}

Credit to Juila for some of these photos!


  1. so lovely Deborah! really though, we are so blessed to do this with you all! i'll miss you something fierce when we part ways! -Latania :)

  2. Hi, as I was going through your blog, I was admiring the different hairstyles that you do with your veilings. I was wondering if you would be willing to do some hair tutorials for other Christian girls who also cover their hair?