Thursday, August 28, 2014

Revival (Western Tour Post #1)

The first week of this current 6-week tour we were so blessed to have a week of community revival meetings in Daviess County, Ind. 
Sights of leaving home: Stocking my bunk rack with journals and books. 
Preparing this for the bus fridge. 
Making our bunk rooms like feel homey. 
This is the before-Mom-comes-in-the-bus loading photo (You know, when everyone carries loads of things in the bus but doesn't put them away.) :)

First Stop: Daviess County. 

  We enjoyed having local singing teams join us on several evenings. 

   Grace was snapping pictures all night and this one made me smile. TLC from mother to daughter.

"Harnessing up" the preacher man. 

 Again, Grace photography. Here Derek and I are standing-by before we're called on for a children's class. The yawn is typical Derek. :) 

We were so blessed by the people we were able to re-connect with during the week. The days were full but fulfilling in the same. We praise the Lord for simply being present in our midst. 
Sights of heading West. 
 These kind people had us, as perfect strangers, to their home for a delicious meal before our service in Minnesota.
 We like old white churches with wooden benches and genuine souls. 

We are currently dwelling in Canada at the Penner residence. We have a day of practice tomorrow and then our first joint-service in the evening. We will be, Lord Willing, traveling together in Canada for the next three weeks. We are highly anticipating what the Lord will do!

"Wilt Thou not revive us again, that they people may rejoice in Thee"
Psalms 85:6

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