Thursday, August 21, 2014

"At Home" in Black and White (Summer post #1)

Three months at home sounded so exciting! (And it was!) 

We knew, however, there was much to be done during this time. And, praise the Lord, He truly enabled us to get those things done. I look back so grateful at the how He scheduled our summer and strengthened our hands to accomplish the tasks before us while refreshing us for the upcoming traveling session. 

These three months are now over and we're currently on tour. 

I was chatting with someone at the product table the other night and telling her this was our first trip out  after a beautiful summer at home. 
She asked, "So…during your time at home, what do you all do?" 

Well, I'm here to give you a peek into the answer…all in black and white. 
A bounty of summer landscape frames our sidewalk. 

A Sunday afternoon piano recital for miss Grace. 

 Celebrating Eugene's 18th birthday via Texas Road House and dumpster diving. :) 

 Father's Day. :) 
 Singing practice in the boy's room. We spent hours and hours practicing new songs this summer. 
 Here we are running over new drama scrips, critiquing, and drawing stage-placemnet diagrams. Mother is the drama script writer (Though we all consider ourselves co-writers with the amount of critiquing that takes place :)) + prop. manager + director. She put a lot of hours into this stuff. 

  Living room drama practice, which is one of the most hilarious things you'll ever do. 
Amidst corrections and such we usually all end up losing it with laughter. Though sometimes we need  to apologize for wrong attitudes as opinions are shared. 
Yes, Grace is mid-hop. Yes, her script is between her legs so she can play her violin. No, Derek is not to be on the floor. Yes, his script is being used as a shield from hopping sister. Yes, Kyle's hands are protecting his ears from the noise proceeding from the violin. No, this is not exactly how this scene looks now that we're doing it on stage. :) 
 Obviously everyone is always very attentive during practice. 

 Drama recording day! Two new ones down, Praise God. 
 Note: Mother thinks that being in a studio without any windows all-day-long can feel a bit dungeon-ish. Therefore, the hydrangea is brought from our home to bring life. :) 

 Daddy is the hair-cut man. 
 Have we ever mentioned how much we love being in the kitchen while we're home? 

This was the first post of several that I hope to do in effort to re-cap the summer (Though I know we've already posted some.). 

We are currently in Davies County Ind. having community revival meetings. It's been a blessed time thus far. We anticipate heading far west beginning of next week to join forces with the Penner family for the rest of the trip. 

Blessings friends, 


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