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Eldoret - Schools and Orphanages (Africa Post #1)

Arrival in Kenya
"Safari"means "journey" in the Swaheli language,and this was the first of our many road trips during our three weeks in Africa. upon arriving in Nairobi late the night before, Dave had reserved rooms for us to first night before we started our 7 hour drive to Eldoret. Pastor Joseph had met us and was traveling back with us,as well as the other van that was loaded down with all our trunks and suitcases.
Here we crossed from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern putting us at exactly 0 degrees Latitude. Great Geography opportunities.
Some smart farmer had his produce stand right by the tourist frequented photo spot,and Gracie saw her first "African Kitty".
After checking in to our Guesthouse,Pastor Joseph took us home with him and we were introduced to our fist Native home cooked meal,done well by his sweet wife,Caren. Too bad I had developed a heat headache in the long day of travel and could hardly stomach food that evening.
We enjoyed educating ourselves to the area and culture from Fanta being delivered by a"Tuck Tuck" or 3 wheel style Maytag motored "mini delivery truck"... how you diagnose flat tire...
and Jack it change it.

Yep,they now are building large "Wal mart style stores"in Africa called Tuskys or Nakamat .This Elephant Statue was in the entryway of where we'd try to find something somewhat familiar to eat or drink.
Our first orphanage visit, and where we were introduced to Dave's interpreter,Newton,which is doing so up front to the right.Our children would lead in a story,character teaching,motion songs after Dave would introduce the family and we met the staff  and children. Often they would quote scriptures or sings songs for us as well. They're all well taught by the Christian staff and very orderly and respectful.


Pastor Joseph.
Skinners all around!
Clothes and socks market.

Your local lumber yard.
Payless Shoes.

Another home we enjoyed being served a great Kenyan meal,was at Joseph's sister's.She was also one of the guests singers listed on the Crusade banner.
The one School,as many needs as they have ,they offered us Cokes as we met in their office.Nothing like real glass bottles the children all agreed.
The principal is demonstrating to Eugene a trick he learned in his "before Christ drinking days".Open a bottle with bottle, no opener needed.

The littlest girl/center left was adorable and very short,when we asked her name,she said "Babey",we get them "right from thee breast" at three, she said as only they can roll their "r"s.


The boys were touched and we didn't want to leave,so as goodbye gesture Derek started giving hi-fives..Many had never touched a "wazungoo" (white man), so needless to say,soon the whole school came running for one.
This Kyle with the littlest one,Babey.
This Pastor as Administrator and His wife as the teacher of the young ones are doing a faithful and excellent job of carrying out vision and burden God has placed on their hearts.They just bought a bus,but need funding to buy the field beside the school for more land for the children to play etc.
I understand all of what not to do except the Hawking.Should've asked.
Photo taken by Deborah, not sure if they were beauticinists stepping out of their shop, or one a model?

I always wanted to try the challenge of riding side saddle on one of these taxi bikes in heels, as they do, weaving in between traffic,making it look easy and graceful.
Every young lady wants some heels.

Deborah noticed these in the orphan girls' bathroom shelves.
The pantry.
The Administrator was giving us tour and run down of their schedule as we toured the compound.
Their beds were neatly made,a handy illustration to bring up if ours fail to do so at home:).
The children learned to do laundry by hand and hang it out to dry.
They had nice garden where they worked hard to grow their produce, milked cow for their dairy products,walkways were bordered by nicely kept lawn and hedges. I was impressed at the wisdom overall of the administration and love. Love , Joy and Peace was the atmosphere of the whole place!

Creative toys.
One or two of these are actual daughters of the houseparents whom they are also raising amidst around a hundred orphan children.

This was a young girl whom I seemed drawn to to encourage and talk to.Vibrant and had allowed God to make her sweet thru hard circumstances.
This is one of the dear houseparent wives,who has several young ones and was expecting, sweetly she is washing our hands before they fed us lunch.
Her husband, the administrator sharing with Dave in the office as he received some of the gifts given. Along with educational and clothes items we were blessed to also be able to leave funds we'd been given for some more cots for their bunk rooms.
I thought I have a lot of laundry?

Our lives were touched and the orphans more.Because saints unseen are living this "undefiled religion".

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