Tuesday, March 24, 2015

(Africa Post #2) Eldoret -- Evangelistic Crusade

Dave behind stage doing last minute meditation  before called up on stage for preaching with Modest Morgan,the Famous singer from Tanzania looking on.

Modest Morgan,Pastor/Singer from Tanzania.

Dave and Interpreter Newton bringing the Word.
Preaching as the sun goes down.
Decision time.

Sunday morning bushy eyedness.

Dave calling out the men at Joseph's congregation,then having their wives join them as we testified and tried to encourage them in faithful Godly Parenting.
Although Newton was young and fairly new at interpreting,he did an excellent job and was right in sync with Dave on most of his moves.
Altar time.
It was such an honor to pray over this sold out single man missionary as he leaves to go back to his evangelizing outer regions. Many times he sleeps on the jungle ground. A man of great faith and passion.
An oasis for the children; an American type restaurant in town.
We enjoyed watching Newton,the interpreter and Phillip our driver take their very first bites of Pizza.When we asked if he liked it,Newton,replied,"I want to change my order".:)He had ordered something else.

Pastor Joseph; visionary of this city crusade.

Pastor Joseph leading in the altar time after Dave preaches.

Dear Phillip,faithfully took us everywhere and waited patiently for us.

Some talented Musicians from Pastor Joseph's congregation.
Wazunga (white man) trying to blend in with the culture...

Derek of Eldoret was a new friend  from the local church we got to know!

Both Dereks. African Derek gave our Derek his watch,which he's wearing.

Double creamed oreo with cookie on the inside.We all came to love and appreciate Brother Newton.

A special bond develops between Interpretor and Preacher after delivering eight messages together.
Martha,a dear sister from the church in Eldoret, wearing her praise team dress.
And then there's Jacqueline, also on the praise team, who took upon herself to be my personal body guard each evening, lest I nievely and  foolishly want to mingle more than a "wazungo"safely can in amid thousands who rarely meet a white woman.

Modest Morgan doing his moves a he sings...

..let's just say he could get any crowd going over there...and did the dust roll! as hundreds moved with him in the dirt.

Bass playing buddies.

As we drove off, we could see dust, the stage people were experiencing from all the dancing and jubilance of the crowd. Most of all; we rejoice at how many had their first encounter with their Creator, and blessed by the many local believers encouraged and challenged thru this vision of the church in Eldoret in doing crusades in this slum area of the city.Pastor Joseph has 17 of the new believers in discipleship classes preparing to be baptized.
We have never seen thousands,stand for four to six hours and respond with such hunger for God's Word and Will.We will never be the same.
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