Monday, May 11, 2015

(Africa Post #3) Thika -- Prison Ministry

We now enter the second phase of our trip to Africa.  
Eldoret was new for all of us -- none of us had been to this part of Kenya or worked with those people; but now this strange place is close to all of our hearts! Then the second week we had the joy of working with a local mission that Dad has worked with for years (ACMI), plus join forces with a group from Ohio working with the same mission. 
So we packed two vans full of us and our "stuff' and headed six hours back to Thika! 

Mom and Dad in a Tuk Tuk (African, three-wheel transportation) with McHenry 
While in Thika we had the privilege of partnering with a native couple (Pastor Ben and his wife Cate) to do prison ministry during the day. 

Red Tie Resort Skit. I was amazed at how they loved drama and skits! They were very attentive and responsive! 

Mother sharing with the ladies. 
Praying with ladies who responded, "yes" to Jesus! 
It was really special to be able to meet some of the practical needs of these men and women! At each prison we would hand out basic hygiene supplies like toilet paper, soap, tooth paste and brush, and special things for the mothers who had babies in the prison with them. 
At the beginning of most of the prison services the inmates would sing some songs for us...the memory of those Swahili words and loud voices are still precious to me. 

Years ago, Pastor Ben was unjustly accused and sentenced to serve time in prison. The Lord has used this hardship in his life to form ministry to these prisoners who he can truly relate with. 
Family introductions. :) They always laughed and carried on when Dad introduced Eugene and Kyle. Evidently they thought they looked way older than they are. :) 
It's just a funny thing to play harp in the hot sun and dirt of an African prison. But if it would be worth using anywhere, it would be here. 

Decision Time...

Mother and Cate (Whom I call "Princess Kate". :)) 

This tarp is covering a cart of metal pales which they use as plates for their lunch. 
Meal for the prisoners; a huge pot of rice. 

I remember leaving one of these prison services and saying, "It feels like it would've been worth coming just for this!". 
It was such a privilege to just watch Him work; display His glory in settings and ways we hadn't seen before! All one can do is stand in awe of how He ministers and meets needs in these difficult situations. These times reminded me that Jesus is still the answer! He still "works" for every culture in every generation. 

As Daddy says almost every time he introduces the Red Tie Skit: "The message of the Gospel never gets old, it never wears out; it's always fresh, always new, and it's still changing the hearts of men and women, boys and girls all over the world today!" 

Post #4 coming soon... 

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