Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Forgotten Post #1

Because sometimes I upload pictures but, for various reasons, don't get to posting the blogpost for...months. So, we're catching up and bringing back the memories and pictures that were never posted. 

February Tour

S.C. Prison Crusade

Praise session at the hotel before we would head into prison for the evening. 

Revival Meetings at Day Spring 

Saturday morning Mom and Dad shared a marriage session over a special brunch with the couples, then us women got to have a sweet time together in the afternoon -- sharing on godly beauty, femininity, and finishing with color analysis. 

Family blessing time on "family night" 

Sarasota Revivals and Auction 

Always a treat to have Ryan and Friends with us (even if it's also a little embarrassing for those of us he picks on :)) 
The Wissmann Fmaily graced us with their presence and beautiful music on Saturday morning before the auction began. 
Having Redeemed with us all week has become a tradition and highlight of this trip.
 And what would the week be without all the good food? 

 It was great that we could be with the Mullett family for part of the week! Here we got to have some girl time at one of our favorite FL restaurants. 
After the last service was completed, dear Lester and Betty had us and Redeemed in their back patio for a lovely snack and great fellowship. Always a treat. 

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