Monday, August 22, 2016

Forgotten Post #2

Millers At Home 

Easter Sunday dinner at the Schlabach's

 Miller Youth at Cleveland Bible School 

Many beautiful times of worship and prayer.

A powerful night on intercession. 

Study time
Kyle, always with a good card trick up his sleeve.
We were so impacted by listening to several amazing missionary speakers that week.
Visual illustrations

Grateful for the fabulous friends that were made that week. 

Smartphone Highlight Reel: 

Living room piled full of young people -- the way we like it. 

Church friendship dinner

Dad surprised Mom for their anniversary and took her to "A Weekend to Remember" marriage retreat. 

One of our lovely local towns in early bloom.
Harp lessons are far and few in between, but so glad when we can squeeze them in.
Choir at our home church. 
Staff devotions at GE headquarters. 

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