Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Midwest Tour 2016

                          Those Backstage mind-reading looks ...

Generator springs antifreeze leak = no air conditioning + 102 Degree with High Humidity + Stationary Bus Windows =bus incubator. Man and sons conquer in time to shower and arrive for men's prison service in  with Bro. Eli Yoder in Hutchinson,Kansas
Mexican Cokes on the rocks to complete the after pool/ better than Subway Lunch at Lynn and Sandra's faithful Home for Hospitality to us.
We enjoyed our time in Hutch, bringing out friends in all types of vehicles...

Enjoying the church Baby Grande while missing making that old upright living room piano ring at home,on her habitual detour towards the kitchen to do dishes:)
Can'on City, Colorado
Many surrenders,victories,prophecies and healing words,prayers of repentance and thanksgiving offered in Worship during our week of ministry and fellowship among the new Horizons staff and Skyline Mennonite Church Body.The Pastor's prayer of our family leaving more filled and refreshed  than we came(in spite of the full schedule)  truly was fulfilled, PTL! We thank God for all those who hungered,prayed and poured into our lives.

                                             The Stoltzfus / Miller Youth Castle Outing

                                                     Why I trust in their angels. Not in them.

                                   "Lumberjack surveys the Forest."

 Sisters yelling shrieking protests to no avail.
Lewis and Clark...

The "Michael Angelo reach" attempted.

                                      Shelf Road Ride 

                                      Stolzfus Family Huddle of Words of Life...
                                         Dad  Blessing a very dear Foster daughter....
                                                    Sacred Altar Worship Times.

Now having driven east to  Indiana we adapt to a change of pace as we leave 3 @ Prairie Camp.
Grace re-aquaints with former and makes many new friends,Here are her dorm friends and counselors; Jodi and Jessica.

Derek enjoyed being /Camp counselor and Eugene/ Camp counselor/praise team member

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