Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Summer (Off-Road Edition)

Enjoying a week of "Stay-cation" 

Loving the opportunity to have out-of-state and local company. 

What do you do when you turn 18? Why, go sky-diving of-course!

It is SUCH a blessing when we have a little time to get some at-home projects done! Here' we're undertaking a garage/laundry-room clean-out. Many late nights and early morning to get it done between our jobs in NC and hitting the road again.

Lancaster Bible School 
The four oldest Millers were so blessed by the opportunity to help with music and teaching at LBS 2016. 

Running games with one on the back and one holding the hand. :) 

Those faces bring back so many sweet memories. 

Kyle's group in a prayer huddle. 
Craft time. 

The fantastic music team! 

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