Friday, December 23, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Home for Thanksgiving 

A family of 8 traveled over the river and through the woods all the way from Can'on City, Colorado to spend 5 days with us during this " Grateful Heritage Holiday" spent at home in North Carolina. Susanna and Josh Stoltzfus had been asked  to sing at a wedding in S.C. the week following Thanksgiving . Upon the discovery of time table; it was one of those,"let's just do this or it'll never happen" brainstorms our children came to us parents with after leaving Colorado this past summer. We agreed, planned and it came to pass.

Tuesday afternoon Derek went to Charlotte airport to pick  up Matt,the oldest son who had flown in from Florida where he is serving as  supervisor at the Gator Boys' Camp. Even though I had only met him once before, it felt right to go to the door as the aproned mama with open arms saying "welcome home for the Holidays!" The other 7 of the Mahlon Stoltzfus family arrived later that night after driving straight thru and after all the hugs and reuniting with each other they settled in to "abide together" in the bus parked up to our deck. Wednesday's luncheon before a local tour was  Creamy Autumn Chicken chowder baked in a pumpkin.

             Thanksgiving morning found everyone doing their part; the firstborns folding napkins,

Randall "wooden spoon whacking" the seeds out for the  Pomegranate / Cranberry Salad.

                                                           The china was carried...
                                                           The outdoor banquet set...
                                                  ...discussions and laughter over etiquette...

                                            We think he  inherited his dad's "poker face".
                             And enjoys perfecting it in front of cameras...
Middle sons thinking, "It's not annually that you get to celebrate the Thanksgiving feast in your shades".

We were glad to have Tearshia who was spending a month in Cleveland join us as well as Aaron Stolztfus( next photo, right) who is living in the foothills area during the construction of  the new Hannah House Cabin.

Both of us missed gathering with our extended families during this time, but it was an upbuilding,valuable time spent together and made timeless memories.          

Four  Fun, Fall, Fruitful, Festivial days of Fellowship.

Proverbs 27;17 Iron Sharpeneth iron,so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

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