Monday, January 1, 2018

Summer "Off-roading"

On my"holiday" I will take time to "catch up on the family blog". I will start with a few  Summer Highlights of personal days planned "off the road. these Include:
 Family getaway,a Church Ladies' Backyard Tea, a mother/ daughter reunion  weekend, A Sunday picnic and an Ohio wedding.

 Adult children are a reward.And a blast.

                           More Put Putting memories made on Hilton Head Island getaway.

                                                     Tea, a drink with bread and jam......

                                                         Re, a drop of golden sun...

                                                                   Miss Andrea.

Miss Etta. 

 A gift, our backyard sanctuary.

                                                                      Miss Tiffany.

     Miss Grace,Etta, Sherilyn and Gracie.

                                      Southern Belles,some friendly,some turning up noses.

                                              Greens for those growing Mrs. Jeana .

                                                                    Mrs. Lori

        Me, a name I call myself...
                                                                         Mrs. Cynthia.

Far above Rubies.

                                                   A woman of virtue,she shall be praised....

              It's Sunday afternnoon, the neighborhood pond is calling,we waltz thru the hay field.

                                                                       China in a basket.

One of the reasons I feel rich.My daughters.My friends.Green meadows in song.

                                                     Fresh waters to splash in. Peach chilled Tea.

Years ago when friends gathered at our house from different states for Deborah's graduation,they  decided they enjoyed each other and wanted to reunite annually. so before we new it the little sisters and mothers were welcomed to join as well! how very wonderful,I thunk of the song we used to sing; "When your friends are my friends,and my friends are your friends,when we all will get together, how happy we'll be!"

This year we came from Ohio ,Georgia and North Carolina and the Kings in Pennsylvania hosted us!

Mrs. Kate King herself with her lovely,hardworking daughters; Anna and Katrina.

Late night talks.

An afternoon in the city.

Older mentoring younger.Younger brightening older.

Back to the King Hay sales farm where the Vintage  barn turned into  a conventional new garage/ event center/ missionary apartment,that we stayed in ,talked and ate all weekend. Just perfect.

                     Then traveling to my niece, Darlene's beautiful wedding in Mt. Hope Ohio.

         Neice Lauren's  soft hand in Grandma's weathered one.Symbolic to, passing on the baton.

Nephews; Jackson and Benjamin communicating.

Pony pastime.

Cherishing our heritage as we seek God on how to integrate it's Truth  into living a  legacy in 2018.
                                                                                                                       Ruth Ann for The Millers

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  1. What a great legacy your living! Bless you in the New Year and as you continue to grow with Jesus! Dawn Stoltzfus