Saturday, March 3, 2018

Looking catch up. 2017 Summer Alaskan Cruise

Sandwiched in the middle of  our Northwest and Midwest Six week Summer tour was the beautiful experience of ministering on an Alaskan Cruise.Wonderful memories for a lifetime were made as family.Ina rainy Seattle parking lot, his is what packing looks like from a bus and  trailer storage into suitcases. 

                       The children relished gift of going whale watching on a smaller boat.

The Creator Himself brought the  unusual display of killer whales breaching in the wild right up to our children's boat, they all stood in awe of His splendor! What gift. What a wise and majestic God.

The services and teaching sessions are always while you are cruising to the next destination so the challenge of staying in one spot, finding your strings and balance amidst the swaying curtain behind you calls for firmly planted shoes and concentration not to sing as oozy as you feel.

We  found the deck to be our inspiring place to worship in awe of Our Lord's Majesty and Power!

                          Early morning Dockings called for coats and set alarms to not miss out.
                                                                That huge wake.
                                                                  Much  to ponder about.

The girls made their own memories in town as we went our separate ways.Much can be done for free.

Sister Silliness in  a coffee shop.

We found a kindred spirit,Nicole!

I feel so rich, rich with experiences.People I know. This summer as intense as the service and driving  schedule was and the missing out on things at home,we made so many good memories as a family. We thank God for the opportunities.                                                                       Ruth Ann Miller 

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